Person D Makes Official Statement on Park Shi Hoo Case

Park Shi Hoo

Person D, who is the friend of Trainee A that released statements to the press about Park Shi Hoo raping her friend has official made a statement about her involvment with Trainee A, and how she was fooled.

After the following text messages, and more were given to the police, Park Shi Hoo filed a lawsuit for defamation of character against Person D. She then revealed she had been tricked by Trainee A as well.

“Park Shi Hoo’s former management company’s CEO and I are thinking of how to f— him over”

“Park Shi Hoo is going to get on his knees and beg, so just wait for it. In the meantime go to the police.”

“I planned the whole thing with Park Shi Hoo’s former management company’s CEO.”

“Ask him for money and we’ll split it.”

Now Person D has official released a statement to the police:

“[Trainee A] and I have been close friends for about 6 months and because we were so close we confided in each other for a lot of things…then out of nowhere on the 15th, that close friend told me she had been raped. I had been involved in a similar situation in the past so I did everything I could to help her…At first she told me she ‘thinks’ she may have been raped so I tried to help her but I later found out that what she’d told me and what had actually happened were completely different…I was also manipulated by [Trainee A]. She used my motives against me and made me out to be someone I’m not and now Park Shi Hoo has filed a lawsuit against me. I thought that if I stayed quiet both Park Shi Hoo and I could potentially get more tangled up in this case so I wanted to speak out.”

“I was told that [Trainee A] ran out of the house as soon as she woke up naked and realized that she’d been raped when in reality she left around 3 in the afternoon after she exchanged phone numbers with Park and left his place on good terms with him…She said she had an intense fight with [Park Shi Hoo’s friend] Kim via Kakao Talk, but the chat revealed in the media show that they had a very friendly conversation. He even invited her out to go to the clubs. She told me a lot of things that were different than what really happened.”

Person D, also went on to reveal some of the comments Trainee A made to her regarding Park Shi Hoo [the following is a little graphic]:

“He doesn’t taste good.”

“He only calls me when he wants to f—.”

Person D went on to say that “based on those comments she made so nonchalantly, I realized that she could have been lying to me…I didn’t mean for all this to happen and things have gotten so complicated I just want to die…I deeply regret everything but I just want people to know I was also a victim.”

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