Posts Made to DMTN’s Official Google+ Account Cause More Confusion in Daniel’s Case

Daniel (3)

A series of messages have been posted (as seen below) to fans via DMTN’s Official Google+ account, regarding Daniel’s alleged drug introducing charge.

These messages are extremely informal for something that is being posted on an official account. The English is sloppy, and it made me question if they were authentic. They sound more like a DMTN member, or a friend of Daniel made these posts. The person who wrote these, repeated multiple times not to believe translations of news articles because they are not accurate, and have led to misunderstanding world wide. Of course many fans are assuming that that was referencing Allkpop, who is the leading source of Kpop news for international fans. I don’t know what to say about that because it really all depends on Allkpop’s source.

What we know is that Daniel tested negative for drugs, and had his charges of selling drugs dropped. That being said he still has a charge of allegedly introducing drugs against him. These posts would have us believe Daniel introduced people to this one person, and that person then sold the drugs to them without Daniel’s knowledge. I don’t buy it. Daniel was probably introducing people to a dealer, and getting a cut of the profits. The police wouldn’t have recklessly called him in if he didn’t have some sort of link, and Daniel wouldn’t have dropped out of his MCing position on “Pops in Seoul” with no request from the network. Also, 2Works’ claim that Daniel thinking selling drugs wasn’t a crime would prove that translation did lead to a misunderstanding. I assume what was originally said was, that Daniel thought introducing people to drug dealer wasn’t a crime, and that’s a little more understandable.

What’s your take one this whole mess?

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