A Complete Break Down of DMTN’s Daniel’s Drug Case [03.12-04.30]

Daniel (2)

March 12

“The situation is more complicated than what the report states.We’ll give you a detailed explanation later on.”

  • Daniel admits to aiding in the distribution of marijuana
  • 2Works reveals Daniel is being charged for distribution, and introducing marijuana

Daniel was investigated by the police and prosecutors on the 9th…At first, the prosecutors suspected him of smoking it himself and ran a drug test on his hair and urine. However, all his tests came back negative. He was acquitted on the charge that he smoked marijuana, and was investigated for the other charges…Daniel immaturely and thoughtlessly believed that as long as he did not smoke himself, it wasn’t a big crime, and that’s what led to this incident…He’s currently deeply reflecting on his actions. He feels guilty that he acted rashly and committed such a big crime…Daniel has not received a court sentence yet, but he does not want to make excuses for his mistakes. He wants to pay the consequences under the law, and the staff is supportive of his decision. We plan to help him mature as a member of society in the future.”

  • It is revealed that Daniel did not sell marijuana, but was an intermediary [a person who acts a link between people to bring about an agreement.]
  • Daniel’s drug test comes up negative

March 13

  • ‘2Works’ reveals possible solo activity for the remaining DMTN members:

“We have not yet received the final ruling on Daniel’s involvement. However, Daniel wants to pay the consequences and carry out the punishment dealt to him for his wrongdoing… For the time being, we are currently looking for individual activities the members can carry out with the exception of Daniel. For the members who are currently already carrying out activities, they will be continuing with them…He is feeling very sorry to the company, the members, and those around him. The shock he has received is great. We think he’ll need to find some stableness.”

  • 2Works reveals Daniel has stepped down from his MC role on “Pops in Seoul”

“He is currently reflecting on his actions, he will be leaving ‘Pops in Seoul’, which he has been with for over a year.”

March 14

“No individual activities (except Inati’s) will be held”


  • Its confirmed that Daniel thought that dealing/selling marijuana is not illegal if the person is not taking them.

March 28

  • Daniel is indicted for the distribution of marijuana
  • 5 additional people are indicted without arrest for use selling marijuana
    • One person is know as Bianca through ‘Global Talk Show – Chat With Beauties’
    • Two people are sons of a Top Star and a makeup artist
  • An English Academy Teacher, for sake of clarity, Teacher A, arrested for selling marijuana
    • Teacher A supplied Daniel with marijuana 15 times a day
  • The Seongnam Prosecutor’s Office release statement:

Including celebrities and exchange students from USA, we have indicted 6 people of marijuana selling, introduction, and usage. The English academy teacher ‘D’ has been arrested for selling marijuana, and the other 5 have been indicted without arrest….We are planning to continue cracking down on the consumers and the supply line of celebrities, who have a big ripple effect on the public.

April 30

  • Daniel attends hearing
    • At 10:50am KST, Daniel and 4 of the others involved in the case admitted to the charges against them

7 thoughts on “A Complete Break Down of DMTN’s Daniel’s Drug Case [03.12-04.30]

      1. Oh poop. 😦 oh well. His problem actually. He shouldn’t be playing around this stuff anyways. He chose to deal with drugs, now he gotta deal with the police.

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