Phone Conversation Between Trainee A, and Person B

Park Shi Hoo

Park Shi Hoo’s legal team has revealed the entire KaKaoTalk conversation between Trainee A, and Person B on the night before, and the night of the alleged assault.


February 14th 

Trainee A: I think I might be able to skip on wearing a parka

Person B: it’s okay you’re pretty no matter what you wear

Person B: keke

Trainee A: keke hul ㅜㅜ but it’ll make me look like a penguin ㅜㅜ waddle waddle

Person B: awesome (emoticon)

Person B: are you practicing?

Trainee A: yup~~~^^

Person B: cute~ practice hard then, I’ll see you later~

Trainee A: yup~~

Trainee A: let me know where we’re going to meet around 10

Person B: is it okay if we meet around 11?

Trainee A: huk 11…

Trainee A: but I moved back to my family’s house..

Person B: where is your family’s house?

Trainee A: sangang-dong ㅜㅜ

Person B: then let’s meet at 10:30

Person B: ~~

Trainee A: okay hehe where??

Person B: I’ll let you know where again

Trainee A: okay~

Person B: you know where L** is located?

Trainee A: it’s in cheongdang-dong right?

Person B: yup keke

Trainee A: okay I’ll see you there~

Person B: instead of L**, come to the food stand behind that place, you know where it is right?

Person B: come there instead

Trainee A: how come you’re not picking up

Person B: oh I’m going there right now I ran out of batteries

Trainee A: ah hehe

Trainee A: I’m grabbing a taxi at the moment

Person B: okay come to the food stand hehe

Trainee A: okay~

Person B: if you get there before me, just tell them Kim** and they’ll lead you

Person B: there is traffic..ㅠ

Trainee A: ah hehe okay I’m almost there hehe


February 15th

Day of alleged assault

Person B: sorry I had to leave earlier, I had stuff to take care of at home. Call me when you and oppa (Park Si Hoo) are done hanging out. [12:55 PM]

Trainee A: I’m home now [3:41 PM]

Person B: you feeling okay? (in reference to the night of drinking)

Trainee A:I still can’t sober up..

Trainee A: I think I was crazy yesterday ㅜㅜ

Trainee A: ahah ㅜㅜㅜ

Trainee A: the biggest mistake of my life

Person B: I didn’t know we’d drink like that yesterday either..

Person B: I was totally caught up in the mood

Person B: ㅠㅠ take medicine since you aren’t feeling well

Trainee A: ㅜㅜ and on top of that.. sigh ㅜㅜㅜ

Trainee A: Ji Mot Mi (an abbreviation for ‘Sorry I couldn’t protect you’) ㅜㅜ

Person B: you didn’t make any mistakes

Person B: it’s fine as long as you had fun

Person B: let’s go to the club later

Trainee A: sigh keke you’re going to Club L**, right?

Person B: yup

Person B: your figure is totally

Person B: I was really surprised

Trainee A: kekeke ㅜㅜㅜㅜ Are you making fun of me

Trainee A: the thing I was more surprised about was why I was on the bed with Park Si Hoo oppa ㅜㅜ

Person B: then do you think you should have been with me?

Person B: I was going to sleep with you guys but the bed was too small, so I just came out into the living room

Trainee A: darn!! ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Ah ah it was something totally unexpected keke… whew

Person B: keke I was drunk yesterday too.

Person B: I’m never going to drink again.

Person B: you shouldn’t drink either, okay?

Trainee A: I usually don’t drink ㅜㅜ but I drank yesterday on purpose because of you!!!

Person B: aw really?

Trainee A: yes (emoticon)

Person B: rest up first

Person B: let’s play later keke

Trainee A: hehe okay

– February 15th Night (‘A’ files report against Park Si Hoo with police at 8:37 PM) –

Person B: call me [8:33 PM]

Trainee A: I’m still not feeling all that great (from drinking)… [11:57 PM]

Trainee A: maybe because of that.. I couldn’t be pregnant rightㅜㅜ I’ve been feeling queasy ㅠㅠ

 February 16th –

Person B: you think you’re pregnant? [2:34 AM]

Person B: you did it with oppa (Park Si Hoo)?

Trainee A: well of course we were both naked ㅠㅠ Don’t act like you don’t know ㅜ sigh I still can’t sober up [4:49 AM]

Trainee A: I guess there is still some residual alcohol effect ㅜㅜ

Person B: your status, did you write it so that I can see?

Trainee A: no~ my friend — someone who’s been ignoring me

Trainee A: whew

Person B: I’m unable to eat because my stomach hurts.

Person B: where are you?

Trainee A: home of course ㅜㅜ

Person B: whew


What are you thinking about the case with this new info?

11 thoughts on “Phone Conversation Between Trainee A, and Person B

  1. so when Park Shi Hoo wins the case 🙂 what’s going to happen to everyone else who was involved in the case?

  2. so when Park Shi Hoo wins the case 🙂 what’s going to happen to everyone else who was supposedly involved in the case?

  3. i knew Trainee A was a liar! She should get thrown in jail for reporting false statements to the police

      1. well he is suing his former agency’s CEO because apparently it was all a plot. this is so bizarre. like what made them think they would get away with it. Social Media is becoming the criminals downfall, they always brag about their crimes online

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