U-Kiss to Make Comeback


I was surprised to find out U-Kiss was making a comeback, and had already started releasing photo teasers, but it true. After searching like crazy I found some good quality versions of their two teaser photos. The boys return on March 7th with 3rd album, “Collage.” It was also revealed that AJ will be returning from Columbia to promote with the group for this album.

Here is the tracklist for their upcoming album:

01. Step by Step (Intro)
02. Standing Still
03. Can’t Breathe
04. Missing You
05. Bad Person
06. More Painful than Pain (Soohyun & Hoon duet)
07. My Reason (Kevin solo)
08. Party All The Time (AJ & Eli duet)
09. Sweety Girl
10. Cause I Love You
11. More Painful than Pain (Instrumental)
12. Standing Still (Instrumental)

Follow the countdown to their comeback on the homepage, and stay tuned for more teasers as they are released.

U-Kiss (2)

One thought on “U-Kiss to Make Comeback

  1. I just can wait, I really hoe this year will be the good one for them. They work hard each time they are coming back but doesn’t get the attention they deserve. I was really surprise they get nothing for “Stop Girl” was one of their best song with “Neverland” . I think fan just make them their own award like “Most Hard Working Idol For A Comeback Who Get Nothing”

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