Netizens Think They’ve Identified Trainee A, and She’s CCM Trainee

Trainee A

This case just got a whole lot shadier! Thanks to crime fighting netizens, the alleged victim in the Park Shi Hoo sexual assault case is thought to be a CCM trainee! The confirmed information was that the girl is a trainee to become and idol, she is 22 years old, and her initials are LYJ. after snooping around the above Core Contents Media trainee was identified.

Nothing has been official confirmed, and CCM hasn’t released a statement, but the information is being taken seriously after a journalist retweeted the girls’ tweets from 2010. When it comes to rape, I believe the victim is always just that until its proven otherwise, but after the way CCM handled that T-ara bullying situation I don’t trust anything to do with them.

Stay tuned to Asia 24/7 for more info on the Park Shi Hoo case as it is revealed, and get caught up on the story here.

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