Block B vs. Stardom Entertainment Case Just Got Messy

Block B (3)


Its been extremely quiet since the news broke about Block B suing to have their contracts with agency Stardom Entertainment nullified, but not anymore. Its been revealed that Stardom Entertainment has started a website designated for their case against Block B, and giving their side of the story.

Via their new site, Stardom Entertainment had this to say:

“We have decided that the members of Block B are merely puppets in this case and there is someone behind all this. We believe that these people have come up with the scheme. We understand that the list of facts we have explained are unfamiliar to the members of Block B. That is because they weren’t given the appropriate information, because of the people of ‘hidden influences’ trying to control the whole situation.”

Also on the site are the documents Stardom Entertainment has submitted to court.

Do you believe their story that someone is putting Block B up to it? Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to check back to Asia 24/7 for all the latest on this case.

3 thoughts on “Block B vs. Stardom Entertainment Case Just Got Messy

  1. I found it hard to believe, they just want to made excuse cause they know they screw up big time with a really talented group. When they created their label they probably did it thinking to be different from the other, but with all that Block B story they just look as bad as SM with JYJ… they try to cover everything with that website but I don’t think it gonna work….

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