YG Reveals Lee Hi’s Comeback Album Tracklist, Name, and Release Dates

Lee Hi (6)

Its official people, Lee Hi is coming back with an album, and my prediction (about the dates on teaser 1) was correct! The latest from YG reveals the tracklist for Lee Hi’s comeback album, the album title, and release dates. On March 7th Tracks 1-5 will be released online only, with “It’s Over” as the title song, then on the 21st the full album drops. Also, note that Lydia Paek had a hand in composing 4 of the songs. EXCITED!

Sidenote: Notice that track 2 features Jennie Kim, who is set to debut in YG’s new girl group. What’s confusing me is, it refers to her as Jennie Kim of YG New Artist…is that the group’s name?!

2 thoughts on “YG Reveals Lee Hi’s Comeback Album Tracklist, Name, and Release Dates

  1. No, YG always said their musicians as artist. So, I don’t surprise if he wrote it like that. It’s funny to see his “YG SNSD” as new artist. I love YG but sometimes his media plays are like jokes.
    In other side, I wonder how good is this Jennie Kim until YG promotes her more than the rest of “YG New Artist” members. If she has voice like Bom then I will understand. But if not, well…
    Good luck for Lee Hi Yi! I heart her ^^

    1. I think Jennie Kim is the one who appeared on GD’s album, if I’m correct her voice amazing.
      And, YG needs to start releasing concrete information.

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