A Complete Break Down of Park Shi Hoo Case [02.15-05.10]

Park Shi Hoo

I was so confused about the going ons of this sexual assault case involving actor Park Shi Hoo, so I put together a nice clear timeline of all the major happenings in the case, including the latest breaking news involving a KakaoTalks conovo between the victim, Trainee A, and her friend, Person D.

For added clarity, here is a little chart on who is who in the case:

Trainee A:

Age 22, the alleged victim of sexual assault.

Park Shi Hoo (above):

Actor, age 34, accused of sexually assaulting Trainee A.

Person B (aka Kim or Mr. Kim):

Recently debuted actor, and the mutual friend who introduced Trainee A, and Park Shi Hoo, and was present for the whole night. He is also being investigated for sexual assault.

Person C:

The woman with the same name as Trainee A, who was harassed online by netizens.

Person D:

Trainee A’s friend who claims that the sexual assault was premeditated, and that she was the one who received a text from Trainee A the next morning following the assault.

Mr. Hwang:

The CEO of EYAGI Entertainment, Park Shi Hoo’s former agency.


February 15:

  • Alleged crime takes place.

February 19:

  • Park Shi Hoo, age 34, is indicted for sexual assault. [Indicted: to be formally accused/charged of a crime]
  • Trainee A, age 22 and is in training to become and idol, says that on the night of February 15 she went for drinks with Park Shi Hoo, and during the course of the night she passed out. When she woke up on the 16th she found that she had been sexually assaulted. [Sexual Assault: to knowingly cause another person to engage in sexual activity by force or by threat]
  • Park Shi Hoo admits he met Trainee A, through a mutual friend, and that they were drinking the night of the 15th.

“There was mutual interest on both parties, and he did not force anything on her.” “While it is true we met through a mutual friend at a bar there was mutual interest as man and woman, all relations we had were consensual…have nothing to hide surrounding the allegations, and this will be revealed upon further investigation.”

  • Representation for Park Shi Hoo releases statement on the charges:

“As representatives of Park Shi Hoo, we would like to state our stand regarding the media reports that were published on February 18th and clarify the truth and misconceptions to fans.

Honestly, Park Shi Hoo has admitted he did drink with A, whom he had known through a mutual acquaintance. But there was mutual interest from both parties, and Park Shi Hoo did not force anything on her absolutely. Regarding this, Park Shi Hoo doesn’t feel that there was anything to be embarrassed about. This will be proven clearly in the investigations, and we hope that everyone can be patient and give some time for things to be clarified.

Outside of this, we want to express our deepest apologies to all the fans who loved and supported Park Shi Hoo, and we are sorry for making everyone worried. We want to stress again that fans should not be worried about anything since there was nothing forced in the first place. To prove his innocence, Park Shi Hoo will diligently cooperate with all police investigations.

Finally, we hope that the media and related persons will not resort to mindless speculations or make wild assumptions before police investigations are completed.”

February 20:

  • Person B, a recently debuted actor, comes forward and reveals he was present the night of the 15th, and was the one to set up the meeting. Says he did not drink at all that night due to minor surgery, and drove them to Park Shi Hoo’s home later in the night.
  • Eyewitnesses come forward, and a security camera is retrieved.
  • Security Camera Footage Reveals:
    •  Park Shi Hoo paying for the bill, and then leaving.
    •  Shi Hoo escorting Trainee A.
    •  Person B carrying Trainee A to the elevator as they head to the parking lot.
    • Bar Owner’s Testimony:
      •  Three bottles of vinegar-flavored soju was ordered. [Vinegar flavor takes away the bitter taste of the liquor]
      •  Trainee A was able to walk out of the room, and down the stair by herself, and therefore did not seem too drunk.
      •  Park Shi Hoo only helped her when she stumbled.
      • Bar Eyewitness Testimony:
        •  A was not that drunk: “there are a lot of stairs here, so how can she have gone down if she was drunk? Park Shi Hoo escorted her so she wouldn’t fall.”
        •  Park Shi Hoo did not drink much. (Park Shi Hoo has said in public multiple times he has a low tolerance for alcohol)
        • Trainee A maintains her story that she was sexually assaulted while unconscious, “I lost consciousness after drinking and when I woke up, I realized I had been sexually assaulted by Park Shi Hoo.” Park Shi Hoo maintains that they spent the night together out of mutual interest.
        • It was confirmed that Park Shi Hoo, Person B, and Trainee A met following the accusations to “clear up the misunderstanding and to provide an objective point-of-view of the event that occurred that night.”
        • A representative for Park Shi Hoo releases a statement on the reason for their meeting:

“Park Shi Hoo wanted to know what the reason was for A’s accusation, and wanted to clear up the situation before his questioning. He wants to figure out how he will handle the situation and provide a much clearer stance for the police during the investigation.”

February 21:

  • Netizens find out the name of Trainee A, and harass a woman of the same name [for sake of clarity we’ll call her Person C] over the web.  Person C comes forward.

Park Shi Hoo is a complete stranger, so I don’t know why this happened to me…I have never seen Park Shi Hoo, other than on TV. This is so infuriating and frustrating. At first when I heard that I was the one pressing charges in the Park Shi Hoo case I thought it was a joke and laughed it off. I never imagined something that had nothing to do with me would become such a big deal…I don’t know why I became the person pressing charges. It’s most likely because of a TV program that I was in once in the past…I spoke to the police about my personal information being leaked, and they told me that it was probably because I had the same name as Trainee A that filed the lawsuit and that they will publish a formal statement stating that we have the same name and to not contact me further.”

  • Person B avoids the media but sources close to him come forward.

Park Shi Hoo and A had a good time with each other, regardless of whether it was at the bar or Park Shi Hoo’s apartment. The following morning, everyone returned to their respective homes. A and K (I’m assuming is Park Shi Hoo) even exchanged text messages after that. If something of that nature (sexual assault) had happened on that night, they wouldn’t have contacted each other through text messages at all. Judging from [Trainee A]’s behavior and what she said, there was absolutely no premonition that something like this would happen. Something sudden must have happened for her to do this. There are so many rumors flying around that [Person B] finds it to be unfair and unjust, and is terribly sorry for his senior, Park Shi Hoo.”

February 22:

  • Park Shi Hoo’s manager releases his official statement:

“As public figures receiving love and attention from the public, we apologize for the commotion that we have caused through this situation.

Even with all the articles being reported, the reason why all we said was that we will comply with the investigation is because we thought it was the best way to consider all the parties involved even though it seemed undeserving. And I also believed that it was best to reveal the truth through the police’s official statement.

Just as the press stated, Park Shi Hoo will be appearing at the station on the 24th and will comply with the investigation faithfully and reveal the truth.

Again, we apologize and bow our heads for not behaving properly as public figures.

And please, refrain from amplifying the situation or making assumptions before the official statement is made by the police.


Park Shi Hoo’s Manager, Park Woo Ho.”

  • Park Shi Hoo’s representative releases statement on why they kept quiet on the charges:

“Even if we felt as though it was unfair, we thought that it was a way of considering other parties and wanted to get the truth out through police investigations.”

  • A representative for Person B releases statement:

“B already knew that he would be facing a lawsuit. He was nervous when he heard from A that she would be suing him as well. He is currently at his house and has cut off all contact from the outside.”

  • Person B is interviewed:

Q: How do you feel right now?

A: The fact that something like this happened because I introduced Park Shi Hoo to Trainee A is killing me. My identity was revealed, and the fact that people from different media is calling me is making it harder. I wanted to cut off outside connections and wanted to reveal the truth to the situation through the police but there were one-sided articles that came up. It’s really hard and stifling.

Q: What is the reason for saying yes to this interview?

A: I really wished to reveal everything regarding this situation through the police investigations. I hoped to remain silent until the end. But reading the articles I felt like it was very unfair and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

Q: How are you these days?

A: I’m just stuck at home. I can’t do anything at this point.

Q: Did you ever contact the press about this matter?

A:  I never said anything to anyone. There was an article that quoted me making it seem like I complied to an interview, but I didn’t. That makes it even unfair.

Q: Do you have anything else you want to say?

A: The police investigations are currently going on. Not every truth has been told yet. I will comply faithfully to the investigation and will reveal everything confidently to the police. I wish that people refrained from releasing one-sided articles.”

  • Samples of Trainee A’s urine, hair, and blood were collected to be tested by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation for any kind of drug use.

February 25:

  • Park Shi Hoo who was originally summoned for the 7pm 24th, delays questioning due to change in legal team from Hwawoo Law to Purme Law.
    • Purme Law releases statement on reason for delay in questioning:

Park Shi Hoo will not be able be appearing for questioning as originally planned,” and that “In accordance with regulations regarding investigation entrustment, have filed a request that all investigation duties be transferred to the Gangnam Police Station to ensure fairness. Unfortunately, Park Shi Hoo was unable to appear for questioning due to complications with the process.”

  • Police release statement on the delay:

“[Police] have not yet been notified [Park] will not be appearing for questioning…We heard that Park’s original lawyer has decided not to continue working on the case. We have been trying to get in touch with Park and his team but have been unable to get a hold of anyone.”

  • The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency denies Park Shi Hoo’s request to transfer his case the Gangnam Police station. A spokesperson makes a statement:

“We will be denying Park’s team’s request to transfer investigation duties,” and that “a new summons will be sent tomorrow (the 25th).”

  • A reporter re-enacts the night of the alleged sexual assault. The reporter went to the bar, and purchasing the exact items that were on Park Shi Hoo’s bill that night.
  • Potato Cream Tenderloin: 32,000 won [$29.50]
  • Beef Tataki: 27,000 won [$24.89]
  • Soju Cocktails: 20,000 at 10,000 won per bottle [$18.44 at $9.22 per bottle]
  • Private Room: 30,000 won [$27.66]
  • Additional Surcharges: 19,000 won [$17.52]
  •  The total bill came up to 130, 900 won [about $120]
  • 10 minutes after ordering their food, and drinks arrived. It took the two men, and one woman 40 minutes to finish the first round of soju cocktails. They ordered a second round, and they didn’t order anymore for the remaining 2 hours.
  • The conclusion was that despite varied alcohol tolerance what was consumed was not enough to get anyone drunk.
  • A third bottle was ordered but not consumed so the bill would have been 119, 900 won [$110.54].
  • It is speculated that Hwawoo Law stepped down from Park Shi Hoo’s case in anticipation of a positive result in Trainee A’s drug tests.
  • Friend of Trainee A [for the sake of clarity will be referred to as Person D] comes forward with statement.

“[Trainee A] is not very close friends with Park’s friend Kim [aka Person B], and that they had only met once prior at a bar. Initially Kim and [Trainee A] met at a café but Kim said he would invite Park so suggested they go to a bar…Park and Kim did not drink at the bar and only made [Trainee A] drink. [Trainee A] said that she only had about a bottle of soju but that usually does not get her drunk….[Trainee A] also said that she felt unusually hazy…Police said the security camera footage from the parking garage of Park’s home showed Park wearing a mask and cap over his head. There’s no explanation for that unless everything was premeditated. [Trainee A] said by the time she woke up the next morning Park was in the mist of engaging in sexual activity with her and was even wearing a condom…Kim entered the room while Park and Trainee A were engaged in sexual activity and groped Trainee A, who was completely unclothed.”

Person D also claims, Trainee A texted her the same day, “What do I do now? What happened last night?” instead of the usual “Hi.”

“[Trainee A] proceeded to move forward with the lawsuit with the help of her parents….If she wanted money, why would she have gone to the police the very next day? I’m speechless to hear them say no actions were forced.”

  • Purme Law releases press release:

“based on our observation of the unfolding of events, details of the case have been reported by the media ‘practically live,’ at times untrue…In an effort to actively prevent this from continuing, Park shifted legal responsibilities and a formal request for the investigation to be transferred to a different station was submitted.”

  • Purme Law responds in press release to Person D’s interview, and insists the information was “fabricated by Trainee A and are completely untrue.”

“As many already know, Park has a low alcohol tolerance level. However, he was enjoying himself on the night of the alleged incident and had about 10 shots of cocktail soju with ice over a period of about 3 hours. Reports of Park not having drank that night are not true…While Trainee A claims to have been unconscious inside Park’s home for 13 hours, her recollection of even the smallest details that coincidentally work against Park should question her credibility…She reportedly ‘felt hazy’ and alluded to drug involvement. She then submitted to blood and urine testing by National Forensics as though it would come back positive for drug use. Her actions to present have been questionable…Trainee A left Park’s home looking completely normal at about 2PM following the alleged incident, which can be proven by the elevator’s security camera footage. More so, Trainee A and Park’s friend Kim exchanged friendly messages multiple times thereafter…Park had every intention of appearing for questioning but due to changes in legal responsibility had no choice but to push back the date.”

  • Purme also stated that Park Shi Hoo regularly wears a mask when he is out because he is uncomfortable when in public.

February 26:

  • It is confirmed by National Forensic that there were no drugs in Trainee A’s system, and is ruled out of the case. “Traces of drug or abnormal substance use were not found in Trainee A’s blood and urine tests.”

[Date Rape drugs will disappear from the system after about 72 hours, so there is a chance she was too late with the drug test.]

February 27:

  • Person B reveals he still has text messages between him and Trainee A.
  • Purme Law releases statement on the texts:

“The messages exchanged between [Kim] and [Trainee A] were typical everyday conversation…The messages exchanged between the two still exist. We cannot reveal details of the conversation because investigation is still underway, but the messages are so normal that it’s hard to believe a woman who was sexually assaulted had sent them.”

  • Person B speaks out on his innocence, say he will “work hard to prove the truth,” and that “I’m very hesitant to comment on the investigation that is currently underway. For now, I will work with the police to prove that I did not commit a crime.”
    • Person B states he “does not intend on speaking with the media just yet. The truth will be revealed after further questioning with the police…”
    • On whether Purme would also represent him he responded, “Nothing has been decided yet. It may or may not happen.”
    • Park Shi Hoo is summoned for questioning on March 1st at 10am. If he failed to show up he would have a warrant for his arrest put out.

February 28:

  • It is revealed Park Shi Hoo offered Trainee A 100 million won [$92,220] in an attempt to make a settlement, but Trainee A demanded more.

March 1:

  • Text messages between Person B, and Trainee A revealed:
    • On February 15th, 3:41PM

Trainee A to Person B: “I’m home.”

Person B to Trainee A: “Do you feel okay?”

  • The conversation went on between 3:58:36pm and 4:25pm.

Person B to Trainee A: “Let’s go clubbing later”

Trainee A to Person B: “Man haha you said you’re going to [club name], right?”

  • The rest of the conversation was submitted to the police.
  • Another source commented on the messages between Trainee A, and Person B:

“From what I know, messages between ‘A’ and Mr. Kim as well as those with their acquaintances over the course of several days ahead of the night of the incident have been obtained. In the messages between ‘A’ and her friend, there was even content about how she’ll be able to receive a lot of settlement money if she sues Park Si Hoo and Mr. Kim… Even after the incident, ‘A’ even showed interest in Mr. Kim by sending him a message that said things like, ‘I should have been with you yesterday.’”

  • Friend of Person B speaks on the accusations in an interview:

“The whole thing was so shocking we didn’t know what to do and things ended up the way they are…He even received messages from her the night following the incident and they seemed like very good friends in the messages…Kim lives outside of Seoul and so is quite far from Cheongdamdong. He doesn’t have his own car so he uses public transportation. Public transportation had stopped running at the time so Kim only slept at Park’s house and went home early in the morning…He’s very surprised by everything. All details of the chat he had with Trainee A will be handed in to the police.”

  • Park Shi Hoo goes in for questioning at 10am and stays for 10 hours until 7:55pm.
    • When entering he commented, “I apologize for everything that’s happened…the police investigation will prove the truth.”

While leaving the police station he made this statement,

“I have a lot to say but I gave a thorough statement to the police” and added that “I will make sure the truth is revealed.”

  • The section chief also released a statement:

We wrapped up the adequate investigation on Park Si Hoo which lasted from 10AM until now with his lawyer present. We are planning to decide on what the future schedules will be by reviewing today’s investigation. We have not yet decided on when we will summon the victim. We will also decide if we will summon Park Si Hoo again after carefully looking things over.

  • He was asked about whether the assault took place but only responded, “I cannot reveal that right now. We just finished our preliminary investigation.
  • Jung Byung Jin, an MBC anchorman, tweeted his thoughts on the Park Shi Hoo Sexual Assault Case:

“The case against actor Park Shi Hoo. Does every single detail need to be publicized. They even used pictures of him from award ceremonies…does doing that satisfy everyone in the country? Does a person’s right to be informed also include a celebrity’s sex life,” and added “If he is proven guilty, it won’t be too late to criticize him then.”

KakaoTalk conversation between Trainee A, and Person B surface.

Person D to Trainee A: “Since this is a big thing, you should request 1 billion KRW (approximately $922,000 USD) from them. Use this chance to definitely get money from them or you can crush him.

Trainee A to Person D: “I’m going to show off my best acting skills during the police investigation to make it seem like I’m the biggest victim.

March 4:

  • Trainee A reported that Park Shoo raped her twice while she was drunk, “When I was drunk, Park Si Hoo raped me twice at his house.
    • Its revealed that there was male DNA was detected in Trainee A’s sample from the test on her blood, hair, and urine.
    •  Oral samples were taken from Park Shi Hoo, and Person B [Park Shi Hoo did admit to sleeping with her so it is most likely the DNA is his.]
    • Person B says he believes Trainee A thinks she was raped because of the blankets he used:

“I was sleeping in the living room with the blankets from his room, and I returned the blankets in the morning. ‘A’ and Park Si Hoo were asleep, and I believe ‘A’ thinks I raped her because of the blankets I put back.”

  • Park Shi Hoo files lawsuit for blackmail against Trainee A, Person D (Trainee A’s friend), and Mr. Hwang [CEO of Park Shi Hoo’s former agency, EYAGI Entertainment.
    •  A representative for Park Shi Hoo released a statement on the lawsuits:

“Charges were filed against all three for crimes such as blackmail and false accusations among others. In the case of “B,” she took Trainee A’s side and gave false information to the press. Defamation of character was also applied to the charges for the untrue information that was published…on the surface it appeared as though the CEO of Park’s former management company was supportive of Park both mentally and physically despite the fact that Park’s contract had recently ended. However, it turned out that was he was the mastermind behind the entire case. Evidence to prove that the three conspired together in this case have already been collected.”

March 6:

  • Eyagi Entertainment denies Mr. Hwang’s involvement

Hwang does not have anything to do with this case.”

  • Mr. Hwang admits to meeting with Person B:

“[We] only met for about 5 minutes to reach an agreement on a settlement.”

  • Trainee A’s legal team releases statement:

Park Shi Hoo suggested playing a drinking game and after a few shots of soju cocktails [Trainee A] lost consciousness. There was no way that they could have developed any sort of interest in each other.”

  • Park Shi Hoo’s legal team releases statement in response to Trainee A’s legal team’s statements:

 “Despite the fact that it was hectic with a lot of reporters outside his home this morning hoping to speak to him, Park remained calm…Park liked Trainee A because they got along well…The two exchanged phone numbers the next morning as she left and Trainee A even said goodbye to Park very politely…Park was interested in her from the beginning and wanted to see her again, which is why he gave her his personal cellphone number by inputting his number into her phone himself…honestly as a celebrity, if he considered her just a one night stand, he wouldn’t have gone out of his way to give her his phone number.”

  • Texts between Person B, and Trainee A reveal a conspiracy between Trainee A, Person B, and Mr. Hwang.

Person B: “I’m planning on how to making things hard for Park Shi Hoo with Eyagi Entertainment”

Person B: “Hwang is also feeling betrayed by Park so we’re trying to come up with a way to teach him a lesson.”

Person B: “We have to get to him first”

Person B: “This needs to go to press first so we can get a larger settlement”

  • A text from the day before the press reported the alleged crime Person B sent this text to Trainee A:

“If we don’t go to the media about the lawsuit, Hwang said he’ll do it for us so we need to do it first.”

March 7:

March 11

  • Person D issues an apology to Park Shi Hoo claiming Trainee A also scammed her.

“also a victim to Trainee A’s scheme…I didn’t know [Trainee A] was lying…Just like Park Shi Hoo, I also am a victim to [Trainee A’s] lies…If Park Shi Hoo was affected by the things I’ve said, I would like to send my sincerest apologies….“[Trainee A] is a close friend, and we’ve been so close for 4 years that I believed everything she said…As details of Kakao Talk messages were revealed over the course of the police investigation I realized [Trainee A] had backstabbed me and so I’d like to apologize to Park Shi Hoo.”

  • It was revealed that Trainee A threatened a celebrity in training [for sake of clarity, Person E] in a similar away 2 years ago
    • Person E told JTBC that a day after sleeping with him, Trainee A came to him claiming she was pregnant

“I spent one night with her and she called me less than a day later saying she was pregnant. For anyone to tell me to take responsibility in that situation can only be about money…that part is similar to the situation with Park Shi Hoo.”

  • Park Shi Hoo’s legal team responds to Person E’s revelation:

“Trainee A is doing the exact same thing she’s done in the past” [Remember that in the Kakao Talk conversation between Person B, Trainee A questioned whether she was pregnant. See March 7th]

March 12

  • Park Shi Hoo’s DNA found in Trainee A’s test results [This was expected because he admitted to sleeping with her]

March 14

  • A source close to Park Shi Hoo reveals demands made by Trainee A to Park Shi Hoo.
    • Trainee A allegedly wanted to relocated, and taken care of financially until she was 80 years old.

Trainee A made unreasonable demands to Park Shi Hoo, such as taking care of her until she was 80 years old.”

  • Because he was worried about damaging his image, Park Shi Hoo made a settlement offer of 100 million won [about $90,330]
  • Lie detector results for Park Shi Hoo, Person B, and Trainee A released to police, but could not be released to the pubic

March 21

April 2

  • Park Shi Hoo is charged with Sexual Battery [unlawful sexual contact], and Quasirape [the victim was mentally unable to protest]
  • Yoon Tae Bong of the Seoul Seobu Police gives statement on charges against Park Shi Hoo, and Person B:

“We have charged without detention Park Si Hoo with quasi-rape and sexual battery, and his hoobae Mr. Kim with indecent assault and have forwarded the case to the prosecution… ‘A’s statement is consistent and also matches with the video footage from the neighborhood. This is a decision that has been made after analyzing everything presented in the case.”

  • Park Shi Hoo’s legal team releases statement in response the Seoul Seobu Police:

“Seobu Police is acting as if they are the lawyers of ‘A’ rather than a neutral investigative unit, revealing things that are disadvantageous to Park Si Hoo, and providing the media with these info, and have thus trampled on the fundamental basics of innocent until proven guilty.”

  • Park Shi Hoo’s legal team files a petition to the national police agency, and the Anti Corruption and Civil Rights Association.

May 10

  • Trainee A drops charges against Park Shi Hoo, and Person B. [There is no explanation for dropping the suit]
  • Prosecution releases statement:

“On May 9th, ‘A’s lawyers filed papers to drop their suit. For cases of sexual assault, if the suit is dropped, then prosecution no longer has the authority to indict.”


24 thoughts on “A Complete Break Down of Park Shi Hoo Case [02.15-05.10]

  1. i hope he comes back with a bang i really miss him on my screen
    this incident makes me question the Korean law n especially media of that country why is no one standing up for him when its totally clear that he was set up but i am even angry with shi hoo i wanna scold him as a frnd idiot how did get tricked but what to do he is a good person who thinks people around him also dont have bad intentions

  2. I know why “A” drop the charge, it’s because the script writer behind that real life drama what nothing more to right about, she or he run out of fresh idea. In a couple of week she might come up with a new season…

  3. This is completely BS and this girl’s gold digging ass really just wants money for crying out loud. All these evidence sums up that she was making up a story as the case went a long. The evidence is just so overbearing. It is completely how unusual this case is. It’s a shame how men can get accused so quickly of rape vs. a women that is accused of rape. What a shame.

  4. Maybe I’m just dumb but I still don’t get that simulated/qasi rap charge… I get the meaning of it but… Normally when someone fake being rape it’s that person you is accused and not the “raper” no?

      1. a bit more but if I remember well they didn’t find any trace of drug in her system and apparently she didn’t drink that much…

  5. I want to KNOW about the guy A had sex with 2 yrs. ago and that he says A did the same thing to him= claiming to be pregnant the next day and wanting a settlement from him. Has he been interviewed? I for one, believe A is a lying. In the old days I remember one night drinking a lot and feeling awful for a lot of days more than 6 days, so much so, that food stunk and everything smelled like alcohol for a long time- Even the soup for the hangover was revolting to me. I was not drugged! To me A has has played this drama before in her mind and in life, too. If she was unconscious= how can she know she was raped 2 times? She is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy! the text messages of A says it all to me= I believe PSH Only!

  6. It’s amusing that everyone has his/her own story. Get them all in one room to confront each other.

    Feel sorry for the actor whose dignity and career are completely ruined, whether he is guilty or not.

    A big lesson for young and rising stars.

  7. I have the feeling to watch a drama or something. She probably came up with that whole story just to see if she can act for real.

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