Eun Ji Won Reveals He Got Divorced…6 Months Ago!!!!

Eun Ji Won


Damn. Former leader of Sechs KiesEun Ji Won, revealed to the public he got divorced from his wife of 2 years in August of 2012. The couple married on Hawaii in 2010. His agency released this statement on the divorce:

 “Eun Ji Won, who got married in 2010 in Hawaii, has divorced his wife on good terms in August of 2012. Due to their differing personalities, the two agreed together to get a divorce.”

Here’s my opinion. When Eun Ji Won got married, and even in July of 2012 (only a month before the divorce) he said he wanted to have children, he planned on becoming a father. I believe, that is the reason behind this divorce. He said he waited 6 months to announce his divorce so that his wife’s privacy could be protected. Privacy about the baby having, maybe she can’t have kids, maybe she didn’t want kids. I’m thinking the differing personalities is that he wanted kids, she didn’t or maybe they had differing opinions of how they would be raised.

I swear I just thought of him the other day and was wondering why he hasn’t had kids yet, while watching an episode of “Queen of Ambition (SPOILER if you’re not up to date: The one where the daughter dies).” Now I know why.

What do you think their reason for divorce is? Do you think its as simple as different personalities?

One thought on “Eun Ji Won Reveals He Got Divorced…6 Months Ago!!!!

  1. that year, jiwon as newly weed was extremly busy…no day without filming…perhaps concerts also…that girl alone in seul…she told that jiwon came v late in the night and also playing pc games…no time for her, newly weed too! I think they both wanted to have children v much but…jiwon had no time for…I also think that jiwon learned then a leson abt himself …

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