Want a Good Laugh? Listen to EXO’s ‘Leaked’ Comeback Song, “Wolf”


First…just listen.

Oh dear lord, say it ain’t so. I don’t know WTF this is, but just say it ain’t so! This song has surfaced on the web, and its being said that it is the comeback song for SM rookie group, EXO. This has to be the worst thing ever. If this is what EXO is going to promote…I know the album will be a record breaker in the history of worst albums. This is horrific even for SM.

My theory about this leaked song is this…someone at SM wrote this song while high on some illegal substances, and submitted it. When only half the group liked it they ‘leaked’ it to get fan responses.


10 thoughts on “Want a Good Laugh? Listen to EXO’s ‘Leaked’ Comeback Song, “Wolf”

  1. the tittle of your article is pretty offensive for EXOtics like me… if you just listen to the song twice or even more.. you’ll find it awespme i swear i have the same expression …

  2. I’m still under the shock…finally IGAB wasn’t that bad after all… if they coming back with this SM will probably get shoot or something. I mean the boys didn’t have release any new song since….11..12 months ? and you are coming back with that thing…I can’t even call it a song…half of the track is just howling >_> I’m pretty sure that boy are talented so why not use that talented instead of crush everything with you stupid idea ?

      1. I didn’t thoughts of that. Since a supposedly track list was published a couple week ago it wouldn’t surprise me. Why not drive fan cry by giving them a fake EXO song with a hypothetical title ?

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