What’s Going on With Brave Brothers’ “어이없네 (You’ve Got Some Nerve)?”


Brave Brothers is getting some criticism for using ‘media play’ to promote collabo group, with LE, Junhyung, and Feel Dog.

I was wondering why the curse words were bleeped out for a 19+ song, and why the music video has YET to come, and this new info is making all that clear. As we all know, Brave Brothers has been teasing the debut of his hip hop collaboration group with EXID’s LE, B2ST’s Junhyung, and Big Star’s Feel Dog. The song and video which was advertised as being rate 19+ (aka R-rated) were set to drop on the 21st of February. When the song was released all the curses were bleeped out.

Obviously that left fans confused about the rating because why put a restriction on it if the curses aren’t there. Upon questioning Brave Brothers claimed that fans, ‘requests from the fans to release a public rated version.’

A rep for Brave Entertainment released this statement regarding the rating:

Even until early this morning, the CEO (Brave Brothers) wanted to release the song as it was. Because we had a wide range in age for the fans, we had no choice but to follow the decision of taking out curse words, made after a meeting, to edit the song .

That same rep dodged questions about submitting the song for review by KBS, MBC, and SBS saying, “I can’t say for sure because I am not in charge of that.”

When the broadcast stations were asked, ALL three confirmed they were NOT  have “어이없네 (You’ve Got Some Nerve)” submitted to be reviewed. SBS stated:

We’ve never had the song ‘You Got Some Nerve’ for review at all.”

A media outlet had this to say about Brave Entertainment/Brave Brothers’ shady business:

“This is the reason that we feel as if Brave Brothers’ agency’s attitude during their release process of ‘You Got Some Nerve’ was regretful and disappointing. Them talking about re-evaluation [of the song] even when they never requested for a review, and insisting that that the lyrics were edited for the sake of fans, cannot be interpreted any other way than using ‘media play‘ and mocking fans. Like the lyrics, the people who should be calling out ‘You Got Some Nerve’ are the fans.”

After listening to the song, and hearing the line distribution I got the feeling that this collaboration’s purpose was to draw more eyes to Big Star. Brave Brothers brought in these two major names, LE, the female rapper, who brings in her fair share of fans, and then there’s Junhyung who is mainstream, and has a huge fan base through B2ST. No doubt most people are coming to this song for those two, yet Feel Dog gets the biggest chunk of the song.

This news just confirmed to me that this song was meant to bring more attention to Brave Brothers’ idol group, Big Star, through Feel Dog, since they’re not doing too stellar.

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