A’ST1’s Sung In Kyu Passes Away From Cancer

Sung In Kyu

Sung In Kyu of A’ST1 has passed away from Thymus cancer, at the age of 24. He was diagnosed back in October of 2011, when he left fans this message about his disease:

“I will confess.
I don’t like people calling a person sick.
On April, 2011, severe chest pains began to start.
I kept thinking it wasn’t anything until May.
I felt that the condition was serious and went to the hospital to take CT scans.
They told me that there was a lump discovered in my chest and it continued to the veins on my neck
I didn’t think it would be serious, I was hospitalized and I had a biopsy examination and waited a few days.
Before the results came out, they said it was one of the three things..
I found out that they weren’t good things
It was a tumor…and it was infectious…in one word, I didn’t think it became a thymus cancer tumor as it went up to the veins on my neck, making it difficult to breathe. If I had waited any longer, it would have become something unimaginable
Since last May, I had 6 chemotherapy sessions.
Since surgery was dangerous, they said I couldn’t do it…
I thought I was healthy, but a sickness found me without a reason
I’m really receiving a lot of stress and from the second half of 2009, I had a difficult time.
I had a lot of concerns on everything…I have a rare disease, thymus gland cancer, 2nd stage.
They said that it wasn’t because something (ie one of his body parts) wasn’t good. It seems the cause is stress, and they said it’s good to not sing the songs I like in the hospital for now.  Now when I sing, even though it’s hard to breathe, I won’t give up my dream…I’ll show you
As I receive treatment, I will deliver good news.
It seems I’m telling this all now and I thank all those who have waited for me and had me in their thoughts
I will make sure to return it and I will see you on the stage. I love you.”

Former band mate. Park Jung in left this message about his fellow member via Twitter:

“In Kyu, a dongseng who I promoted with as a member of A’st1 has passed away today. He must have had a difficult time undergoing chemotherapy but he always answered the phone with a cheerful voice, that was the kind of person In Kyu was. I hope he will be able to close his eyes in peace now in heaven.”

I swear I JUST thought of this group two days ago, and how I missed them. I am shocked, and sad, my condolences to his family, and friends.

In Kyu’s death follows that of Im Yoon Taek of Ulala Session who passed away from Stomach cancer back on the 11th.

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