The Julien Kang & Yoon Se Ah Couple to Leave WGM

Julien Kang & Yoon Se Ah

WHY! These two are my favorite couple since Hyun Joong, and Hwang Bo, why must they leave already! The news broke earlier today on various news site, and MBC has verified that the couple has in fact decided to split:

It’s true that Julien Kang and Yoon Se Ah are leaving ‘We Got Married’. We’re surprised that the articles came out saying they will be leaving even before they filmed their last episode. We even decided on the couple that will be replacing them.

This must have been a long time coming since MBC already has their replacements ready.

WGM will be welcoming real life couple LeeSsang girl, Jung In, and her BF Jo Jung Chi. They will be the shows first real life couple since Hwang Jung Eum, and Kim Yong Joon.


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