Is SHINee a Bunch of Copycats? Some Seem to Think So

SHINee (2)

A little while back on their Lunar New Year Special SHINee revealed a bit off their new choreography for “Dream Girl,” and you guessed it, netizens are accusing them of copying none other than, Big Bang.

First let’s do a little bit of comparing:

SHINee’s “Dream Girl”


Big Bang’s “Tonight”

Okay…Honestly, when I first watched the clip of their choreography my mind immediately went to Big Bang, but I didn’t have the energy to go on a rant about it, case in point here. I’m not gonna accuse SHINee of plagiarizing or what have you but it serves Shawols right, because when that whole thing about “Ready or Not” and Sean Kingston came about, (that was not a plagiarism case btw, they both have rights to the song) they got racist. Its about time their bias got accused of doing the plagiarizing.

What are your opinions on the mini controversy?

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