Review: Safety Zone

Safety Zone

DMTN, formerly Dalmatian, made a bit of a surprise comeback with single, “Safety Zone.”
“Safety Zone” is a good song, its catchy, and I love it. This sound is what I think will become DMTN’s signature. I am thrilled that despite the change in agency DMTN is continuing with this ‘beastly-esque’ image, and more R&B genre, because this is the style of music fans will remember DMTN for, more so than what they did for the first year of of their debut prior to “E.R.”
I did have problems with line distribution. I feel like with five members they could have done a much better job of giving Simon, and Jessu a more respectable number of lines. Also, I’ve read that Daniel was getting special recognition for his acting in the music video. I, however, was not wowed. There wasn’t any real acting going on just lots of slow motion running, and fighting.
Overall, the song is simple, and not gimmicky, and its a breathe of fresh air! Love it.

Final Score: 3.75/5

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