Happy Lunar New Year From Your Fav K-Celebs


“Sadly, the last holiday for the Lunar New Year. To make you feel go~od, we’re sharing with you a video of the fresh Dara wishing you a happy Lunar New Year!!! Click the video to watch~“ (me2day)



“Happy Lunar New Year, we hope that this year may be filled with only good things. We hope that you eat a lot of delicious food and spend an enjoyable and happy time with your families during the holiday. SHINee will also be making a comeback with our 3rd full-length album and will show our hard working images through our activities so we ask for your love and support.”

Super Junior M/f(x)

Super Junior M & f(x)

“On behalf of SMTOWN, Super Junior-M and f(x) wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year weekend! :)” (Twitter)



Seungho: “The New Year is bright. First is health! Second is also health! Everyone be healthy and receive lots of luck in the New Year.”

G.O: “First, receive lots of luck in the New Year!! I’m missing all our fans like crazy. We will greet you all again with music activities in Korea soon. Please wait.”

Jiyou:  “In 2013, Two X will not come to you by taking one step, but by taking two steps! Please wait,” as Minjoo added, “2013 Lunar New Year! Two X will give you double the luck. Please give us a lot of love.”




“Although Lunar New Year’s Eve is tomorrow :). We greet you beforehand~~!! I hope everyone spends a happy time with their families~ Have a happy new year♥ SISTAR19 will spend today on stage!” (Twitter)

Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill

“Happy New Year~~^^“ (Twitter)





“Tiny-G are sending our Lunar New Year greetings to fans who showed us a lot of love! Happy Lunar New Year.” (Twitter)


Everyone~~ in Korea and everyone all over the world! Skarf is wishing you an early Lunar New Year. The 5 of us put on pretty hanbok to greet you. We hope Skarf and everyone else will do well in 2013! Love you♥.

It’s the New Year’s greeting that Skarf wrote ourselves~~ Everyone, do your best in 2013!! Aja aja fighting♥♥♥” and “The 5 members of Skarf put their hands neatly together~~ We hope that everyone will love Skarf more in 2013♥



Seyong : “We hope our family, label staff, and members are all healthy. We want to win #1 with this album.

Gunwoo: “Health is the first priority. I hope MYNAME can grow even more this year. We will work hard with our domestic promotions and meet fans with various types of music.” 

JoonQ: “I want to rank within the top 10. I also hope MYNAME will be one of the most searched for terms.” 

Chaejin: “I want to do well on my college entrance exam and get into a good theater & arts program.”

Insoo: “I hope we will be given more opportunities.”

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