2am’s Jinwoon & Model Go Jun Hee Join WGM

Jinwoon & Go Jun Hee


Meet your new We Got Married Couple, model, and actress Go Jun Hee & 2am’s Jinwoon.

Jinwoon had this to say about his new ‘wife’:

“My usual ideal type is an older woman who’s tall. That’s why I liked her.” 

Go Jun Hee had this to say about her ‘husband’:

“Jinwoon actually seems like he’s 6 years older than I am.”

Go Jun Hee’s agency, J-Wide Company, released this statement about the couple:

“They finished their first filming on the 3rd. Because they entered a remote place for filming, we don’t know the specific details, but we know that the filming went smoothly.”

I am super excited about this couple, I’m fans of both of them, and they seem nicely matched. I think they will be able to get comfortable with each other quickly since Jinwoon is not a shy person. Do you like the pairing? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or send me a tweet @Asia_247.

Their first episode aired today, so stay tuned to Asia 24/7 to see the new episode w/ subs.

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