Netizens Flip Their Lid Over Jaebeom’s Middle Finger….I Can Give Them 13 Reason Why They Need to Get Over It

Jaebeom (Middle Finger)

On February 3rd Jay Park (aka Jaebeom) took to his Instagram and posted the above photo, and netizens were on him, like white on rice!! They were complaining of course about the fact that he was flipping the bird, giving the one finger salute, flipping off the camera…holding-up-his-middle-finger.

The next day he took to his something a wrote an apology:

“Anyway, I can’t satisfy everyone 100%~ Whether it’s my family, my label, my fans, or even myself~ Everyone has different opinions and different standings~ There is no answer, no matter what articles say~ If you hate me or love me, I’m thankful for the interest~ I’ll smile even if you curse me out~! I just want to have good music, put on a good performance, and be a good artist. I want to make a situation where I can care for and help the people I love~ If you were offended, I’m sorry~ I’ll put more thought into things from now on~! I’m going to work hard on my album keke ^_^”

He shouldn’t have apologize because netizens need a life, and Jay’s got himself an army of supporters because the picture now has over 19 thousand likes.

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 12.13.20 AM

An to the netizens that had a hissy fit I’d like to give you 13 reason why they need to either get over this picture real quick or attack some more K-Celebs ASAP.

Yuri middle finger Ga Yoon middle finger Se Hun middle finger Miryo middle finger Donghae middle finger Kahi middle finger Taeyeon middle finger Zico Yoseob middle finger Hyoyeon middle finger Eunjung middle finger

Yoo In Na middle finger

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