G-Dragon, 2ne1 & Lee Hi Comebacks for March


According to YG himself, fans are gonna get a big dose of YG greatness in the month of March!

We want to make the G-Dragon, 2ne1, and Lee Hi albums being released in March to be ones that fans want to keep and cherishPersonally, I think [the new song] is even better than ‘1, 2, 3, 4’. As a listener, it seems when I’m satisfied with a song, fans have a positive response as well. Lee Hi’s tone and vibe possess individuality and charm that isn’t found in many other singers. We found a song that suits her perfectly.

It was revealed yesterday that Lee Hi’s comeback was set for March, and that YG was expecting a great response from the upcoming album, but I am pumped to here that 2ne1, and GD will be making their comebacks too. I feel like they won’t all be coming in March because its not common to see artists from the same agency promoting at the same time.

Stay tuned to Asia 24/7 for more info as it is released.

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