Kim Jinho Opens Official Facebook

Kim Jinho


A little while back it was revealed SG Wannabe’s maknae, Kim Jinho, would be going solo, FINALLY. Now the singer has launched his Official Facebook Page.

“Hello, it’s SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin Ho.
It’s been a while. Have you been well? I’ve been pretty well.
I did a lot of traveling, and I spent time feeling the preciousness of everyday life.
While I was doing that, the music that spread around the world changed, and the mood changed as well.

There are idol singers who show great performances, and there is music that strong, creative labels showcase.
It may have been stimulating, but I think people put their gaze to where their eyes and ears were happy.
Maybe people just wanted music to be simply enjoyable in their hard reality.
But nothing is good in excess.
I dared to think that a society that likes stimulating music may have increased cases of stimulating accidents.

Music that helps you look back, as in how I was, how you were, and how the environment was, has decreased.

Young people now take emotional words as bluffing or as too much, and they’re exposed too much in a rapidly changing culture.
However, those emotions that were judged as too much or as a bluff is not something embarrassing, but rather I think an innocent emotion of that exists in the same shape in the hearts of lonely people.

Now we can share our feelings, but we are stingy with expressing our emotions, and we hide them because of other people’s gazes.
I feel like people just want to show off neat, flashy things.

It’s like our current music that, in informal terms, only looks to be cool without touching people’s hearts.

For 3 years, my emotions and my thoughts were like this, and I used my friends’ and family’s  experience as a background.
I am still lacking, but I prepared my first solo album with words and melodies I put my heart in.
I hope this can be an album you can listen to when you are lonely.”

Stay tuned to Asia 24/7 for more info on Kim Jinho’s solo debut as it is released.

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