JoonSeo Couple WILL Be Leaving WGM + WGM Going International

Lee Joon & Oh Yeon Seo

As expected the JoonSeo Couple has come to an end with the biggest BS excuse ever! According to the ‘We Got Married’ production staff the two have to depart from the show due to, get this…scheduling issues. Now I’m no saying that’s a complete lie, but lets not front like the whole Oh Yeon Seo/Lee Jang Woo scandal, and its backlash didn’t have something to do with it.

Read the ‘We Got Married’  production staff’s statement below:

Hello. This is the production team of ‘We Got Married Season 4′.

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and actress Oh Yeon Seo, who have been playing the part of a faux married couple on ‘We Got Married Season 4′, will be leaving the program due to scheduling issues.

Lee Joon started his acting activities having been cast in movie ‘An Actor Is an Actor‘, and drama ‘IRIS 2‘, and not only does he have Japanese album activities and concerts planned, but an album release in Korea as well, so realistically, it has reached a situation where it has become difficult to manage his schedules.

Also, actress Oh Yeon Seo has been discussing leaving the show with the production staff due to scheduling issues with her daily drama ‘Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming‘.

We are currently discussing the new couple who will be appearing on ‘We Got Married Season 4′, which has been broadcasting with three couples, after the leave of Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo.

The last episode with Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo will be broadcast on February 2nd.

Thank You.

How do you feel about the couple leaving? Who do you think will replace them.


Yesterday, there was a huge fuss about Taecyeon joining WGM, but JYP jumped, and denied it. However, now its been revealed that Taeceyon as well as Kara’s Nicole are being considered for the Korean couple on the show’s world version that will be broadcast in 41 countries with coupes from different backgrounds.

JYP Entertainment released this statement:

“We received casting proposals for a world version of ‘We Got Married, but his casting has not been confirmed. We are in discussions with the producers.”

DSP Media released this statement:

“Although it’s true that she has been considered for a ‘We Got Married’ world version, nothing has been confirmed. We are discussing it with the producers…It seems like there will be a cast announcement soon.”

3 thoughts on “JoonSeo Couple WILL Be Leaving WGM + WGM Going International

  1. NO NO NO HELL NO NICOLE WITH TAECYEON??!!!!! ARE THEY OUT OF THEIR FREAKING MINDS??!!! Im mad about Lee Joon and Haetnim ending WGM as well but the thought of TAECYEON and NICOLE doing WGM together is unethical in ALL aspects of the word. If anyone was to do WGM with Taecyeon I would suggest Yoona or SOMEONE else. As for Nicole, if she were to do WGM with anyone other than Jinwoon I think I would flip the fuck out.

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