Baek Ji Young vs. Seo In Young Cat Fight!

Baek Ji Young

On the recent episode of ‘Strong Heart’ singer, Baek Ji Young revealed some juicy news about her and Seo In Young’s rocky past.

When she was asked about the rumors of them not liking each other Baek Ji Young shared the inside scoop:

“I hated how she acted too cute and I hated her because of her barbie doll-like body..But when I actually talked to her, I realized that she wasn’t a bad person.”

She also shared a story of the time she made Seo In Young cry:

 “I was sharing a waiting room with singer Lyn when Seo In Young came to our room. Seo In Young and Lyn are really close so they started to chat together. I didn’t say anything to Lyn but to Seo In Young I said, ‘Hey, I don’t think you’re in the position to be coming in here and chatting up a storm.’ Then Seo In Young apologized and said she would talk outside. I heard from my manager that she was actually crying when she stepped out of my room…At the time, my vocal condition was not great so I was really stressed. I just got momentarily mad without knowing but I think that became a scar to In Young…Afterwards, we ran into each other at a party. She came up to me and said, ‘Senior, please like me,’ and when she said that, she seemed so nice. So I started to feel really embarrassed as a senior. I gave her a hug and told her I wouldn’t be mean to her from then on.”

This is interesting for two reasons. One, I didn’t think Seo In Young would cry over something like this, since she has a strong personality. Two, I know all celebs can’t get along so this just satisfies my gossip needs.

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