Who Wore It Better?: Yubin vs. Suzy

Who Wore It Better? (Yubin vs. Suzy)


Wonder Girls’ rapper, Yubin, and her labelmate Suzy of Miss A face off in this pink, and green jacket from Miu Miu’s Fall/Winter 2012. Suzy was seen in the jacket when she and her group appeared in the November 2012 issue of In Style magazine. Yubin donned the jacket for her August 2012 photo spread in Instyle magazine. For both the girls the jacket was part of a mix and mix styling, that I personally am not a fan of. Yubin did wear a similar look to the runway by pairing the jacket with the same printed shirt, and black scarf, but opting for a shiny green mini skirt.

So who wins? Wonder Girls’ or Miss A? Vote for your pick in the polls, and tell me if you liked each girls’ outfit in the comments or via Twitter.

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