More Trouble in…Scandadise

Lee Joon & Oh Yeon Seo

As we all know the JoonSeo Couple has hit rocky times due to the scandal over a supposed relationship between Oh Yeon Seo, and actor Lee Jang Woo (former WGM star with T-ara’s Eunjung).

Fans of the show have been up in arms saying Oh Yeon Seo needs to go, and also that Lee Jang Woo needs to speak up. While he STILL hasn’t even tried to deny the rumors, there is a rumor a floating ’round that the couple is done! Lee Joon’s agency has released a statement:

 “Considering that Lee Joon’s fan cafe post unintentionally caused harm to the ‘We Got Married’ producers and his busy schedule was adjusted, it’s true that an amicable finish [to the show] was recently requested.” Oh Yeon Seo’s label Wellmade STARM also announced, “It’s true that we’re currently negotiating [Oh Yeon Seo’s leave from the show]. We’ll probably make the final decision by the end of this week.”

I am sure I’m not alone in saying/thinking this, but I won’t be surprised if this couple ends. If you follow this couple, which I have from the beginning, they never got close especially compared to the other couples who can hold hands, and hug, and talk freely. Then this scandal happened to make them even more awkward, there is no way they can be comfortable with each other after this even if her relationship with Lee Jang Woo is false.

I will say this, I feel bad for her because Lee Jang Woo is in this and he hasn’t even tried to deny it, clear it up, and I think his actions are making am even bigger mess of things.

Anyway, stay tuned to Asia 24/7 for an update on whether this couple will be leaving the show (Yes).

4 thoughts on “More Trouble in…Scandadise

  1. I never really watch WGM probably cause my fangirl heart might not like it ( tho I planning to watch all the Andy/Solbi one cause apparently there freaking adorable together) so knowing Lee Joon will not be in the show anymore doesn’t change anything to me. I’m just relief that he will not have to deal with her ( I hope so). True or not all that shit cause him a lot of pain. Lee Joon can be goofy, clumsy, dumb really retard but he can also be really sensitive. Lee Joon is maybe not my MBLAQ bias but I still like him and my noona heart really didn’t like all that thing happen to him.

    1. yea, i don’t know I find it so hard to believe she would join something like WGM if she had a boyfriend. I believe in her. I watched the show, and they were my least favorite couple because they never seemed to warm up to each other, they never got past the awkward phase.
      I’ve seen the Andy/Solbi couple (way back when it was airing) I believe they were really dating. I so hope in my heart they end up getting married. Loved that couple.

      1. It’s hard to get close to someone else when you already have a boy friend in real life.
        Pretty much all SHCJ that I know loved SolDy couple. And other couple that people seems to really like was Leeteuk and Kang Sora. I saw cut with each other and I really hope their couple was real.

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