Review: Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon


4minute unit group, 2Yoon, made their debut with their 1st mini album, and lots of hillbilly influences.

“24/7” is CUBE’s answer to Kpop Country music. I’ll admit it was creative of them to take on this bluegrass theme rather than just country. Country-Western themes have been attempted by lots of kpop acts like B1A4 or Dal★Shabet, but 2Yoon brought something new to the table by introducing the bluegrass elements in the music itself. Even though it was creative, they didn’t nail it for. I want to like it but something about it was just not all there.

Score: .75/1

I am in love with “악몽 (Nightmare).” I’ve had it on repeat since I heard it. While the girls displayed really strong vocals, BtoB’s Ilhoon stole the show with his amazing rap. Ilhoon made a big impression on me when he featured on Hyun Ah’s album, “Melting,” and now again on 2Yoon’s album, and I can see him rivaling B2ST’s Junhyung as the go to feature for artists. As much as I love this song, I don’t think its a good thing, for 2Yoon, that I am so focused on Ilhoon rather than Jiyoon, and Ga Yoon.

Score: 1/1

“Black Swan” was another track I loved on this album. I was impressed with Jiyoon’s rapping, and it made me miss 4minute’s early days when that was her primary role in the group. I love just about anything featuring Nassun, and I thought he was perfect on this song.

Score: 1/1

Other Scores:

Why Not: .5/1

쎄쎄쎄 ft. Kikaflo: 0/1

Final Score: 3.25/5

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