Concert Breakdown: LeeSsang Brings Down The House



LeeSsang came to the NYC yesterday to perform at the Best Buy Theater with singer, Jung In.

They were absolutely amazing! This is the first time I have EVER seen these two perform their songs together on stage, and it was perfection. I waited for 3 hours in line in the FREEZING cold (it was 0-15 degrees yesterday), but it was worth it.

They didn’t speak much English, but they tried. Gary’s line of the night was “I don’t speak Engrish but I lobe you.”

If you were following Asia 24/7’s Twitter last night you know I was flipping out because Gil held my hand, and I got to touch Gary’s arm, and hand.

Just like when I say Psy, and Big Bang in person I found the LeeSsang boys looked MUCH thinner in person. They looked really good.

Jung In

Also, Jung In was miss hot stuff last night. She 1. is much thinner in person, and 2. much prettier in person. Her voice was amazing live, she really blew me away with her high notes.

The concert lasted a little less than 2 hours (we started late because the meet and greets ran long). It started at 8:15pm, and ended 9:30pm, but when the audience called for an encore they came back and performed their bigger hits until 9:55pm.

Click here, for more pictures from the concert.

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