Who Wore It Better?: Narsha vs. LE vs. Dongwoo vs. Son Dambi

Who Wore It Better? (Narsha vs. LE vs. Dongwoo vs. Son Dambi)


Son Dambi, Narsha of Brown Eyed GirlsEXID rapper, LE, and Dongwoo of Infinite/Infinite H battle it out in the same feathered accessory by Bell & Nouvaeu.

Bell & Nouveau is an accessory story, whose creations appear all over the Kpop scene. They’re responsible for this popular hat from a previous WWIB showdown.

LE was seen in this feathered fashion statement for EXID’s debut MV, “Whoz That Girls.” Dongwoo wore it for one of Infinite’s promo pics (if anyone knows which one please share). Son Dambi donned the green accessory for her “Queen” promotion photos. Narsha was dark, and sexy as she wore the shoulder piece for her “Bbi Ri Bba Bba” album photos.

So who do you think rocked this Bell & Nouveau accessory best? Vote in the poll, and share your thoughts on each look in the comments below or via Twitter.

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