T-ara’s Soyeon Lands Herself in Hot Water…When Will They Learn?


I am getting real tired of T-ara controversies, I really am. I feel like fans are targeting the T-ara members, but also they haven’t learned anything since their huge bullying controversy. A conversation that T-ara’s Soyeon had on KakaoTalk Story with actress, Yoon Ee Na, and D-Day’s Sua has surfaced online is creating problems.

The whole thing started with Sua’s comments on it being difficult to get this Kenzo brand shirt.

Soyeon: Because these days that unni wears all the Kenzo… I can’t wear it, I won’t wear it.

Sua: That unni? Then should I take it off?”

Yoon Ee Na: Do you mean Stitch? Keke”, Sua responded, “Angry Stitch?” and Yoon Ee Na responded, ‘Old Stitch,’

Sua: Kekekekekeke even old???

Yoon Ee Na: Kekeke You can see a lot of wrinkles..

Soyeon:  Daebak Stitch kekekeke.

Yoon Ee Na: But you know, I don’t think Stitch brushes her teeth.

They went on to discuss ‘Stitch’s’ wedding, and whether they were going or not.

Netizens seem to think its actress Yoon Eun Hye who the girls are referring to as ‘Stitch’ but Yoon Eun Hye isn’t getting married…so…

CCM came to So Yeon’s defense:

 Soyeon is quite shocked that a personal conversation has created such attention… ‘Stitch’ is just an unni that Soyeon knows, and does not have anything to do with the ‘actress A’  that people are assuming her to be.”

This morning an insider on the issue came forward in So Yeon’s defense:

“I think it became a scandal because [parts of Soyeon’s conversation was edited out.] The conversation wasn’t directed at any actress or celebrity. It was about an actual stitch on an acquaintance’s clothing…Soyeon and Soyeon’s acquaintances were not speaking in regards to a specific celebrity… The topic of  ’Stitch’ came about because the tiger drawing on the shirt of the brand’s logo resembled ‘Stitch’ the character, and since a graduate student unni Soyeon knows wears that brand of clothing every time they meet, that is why they were talking about it…It seems like T-ara’s controvery last year cause hateful netizens to cause problems. I’m really upset that people are spreading rumors like this and blowing things out of proportion.”

Last night when the news broke it boggled my mind that she would do something like talk about another celebrity in public as if she didn’t remember her groups controversy last year. Now that more info is out I just feel like fans need to stop going out of their way to pick on the T-ara members. Its over, done, and old news. If you don’t like them don’t listen to there music, and go on with your lives.

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