An English Demo of SNSD’s “I Got a Boy” Surfaces Online…Again SM?

Girls' Generation

An English version of SNSD’s new song, “I Got a Boy,” has popped up on the internet. “Shiner on You” is sung by British singer, Katy Tiz.

Just like GG’s version, I like parts of it, but this version is super noisy with all the extra background noises.

Also, it seems the song has appeared in the instrumental of an upcoming collabo between Lady Gaga, and Azealia Banks.

Obviously fans are doing lots of comparing, but no one should be surprised by this find. SM has become known for using demos from foreign artists, and revamping them for their own. Thanks to a convenient little list I found online here is a list of songs SM has done this for (? indicate it wasn’t confirmed):

Girls’ Generation

Run Devil Run (Kesha – Run Devil Run)

Time Machine (Andy Love – Time Machine)

Born to be a Lady (Demi Lavato – Mistake)

Baby Steps (Baby Steps – Varsity)

Mr. Taxi (Allison Veltz – Mr. Taxi)

Echo (ABC – Echo)

Let it Rain (Andy Love – Let it Rain)

Oh (Rihanna – Shut up and Drive)

(?)Tell Me Your Wish/Genie (?)((Dineyra – Raqsga tushgin) – Questionable release dates)

Beginning (Play – 2 Blocks Down)

Girls Generation (Lee Seung Chul – Girls Generation)

(?)Trick ((?)Hangeng – My Logo)


(?)How Great is Your Love

Super Junior

Twins (Triple 8 – Knockout)

Keep In Touch (EXILE – Ki Zu Na)

Happiness (H.O.T – Full of Happiness)

What If (101 – What If)

Tic Toc (S.Cape -Tic Toc)

At Least I Still Have You (Sandy Lam – At Least I Still Have You)

Don’t Forget Me (Gummy – Don’t Forgot Me)

Believe (EXILE – Believe)

Miracle (Live Couldn’t Get Better )

You Are The One (You Are The One)

Rock This House (Rock This House)

Monster (Monrose – Just Like That)

The Night Chicago Died (Paper Lace – The Night Chicago Died)

Carnival (Ch!pz – Carnival)

White Christmas (Jinu – White Christmas)


Pinocchio/Danger (Kristine Elezaj – Razor)

Mr. Boogie (Nadine – I Can Have You)

Dangerous (Carina Dahl – Stick Dough)

Hot Summer (Monrose – Hot Summer)

(?)Electric Shock (Electric Lights)

Beautiful Goodbye – (Kasey Butler – Beautiful Goodbye)


Mirotic (Sarah Conner – Under My Skin -Club Edit Version-)

Wrong Number (Marvin Ambrosius – Wrong Number)

Flower Lady (Dru – Stay With Me/Mario Vasquez – Gallery)

Get Me Some (Mercury 4 – Get Me Some)

Hi Ya Ya (Don Kenneth Ramage – Perfect tragedy)

Superstar (Jedward – Everyday Superstar)

Pictures of You (North – Pictures of You)

Back to Tomorrow (Unknown – Back to Tomorrow)

Paradise (Nakwon – Paradise)

Ballons (5 Fingers – Balloons)


Love Like Oxygen (Martin – Show the World)

Hello (Mohamed Ali – Holla)

Juliette (Corbin Bleu – Deal with it)

Loves Way (2Much – Hard Time)

Forever or Never (Cineme Bizarre – Forever or Never)

One For Me (Mario Vasquez – Everytime I)

Hyeya (Alejandro Sanz – Y Si Fuera Ella)

Hit Me (Omarian – Case of You/ Marques Houston – Case of You)

Ready or Not (Sean Kingston – Ready or Not)


Angel (J. Lewis – Eternally Lost)

Let Out the Beast (Let Out the Beast)

Into Your World (Into Your World)


Scream; Daydream (With Anyband) (Monrose – Scream)

Spark (Luis Fonsi – Keep My Cool)

CSJH The Grace

Your Smile (Rene Liu – Really Really Love You/Kiroro – A Long Time Ago)


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