Netizens Make Ridiculous Complaint, VIXX to Redo Concept Photos


Netizens never fail to surprise me. It seems there were lots of complaints about VIXX’s concept photos for their comeback album, which is set to drop TOMORROW!

“There have been many responses that ‘On and On‘s album jacket is bizarre and creepy. Thus, the album jacket photos that have already been completed will be discarded, and we will release a new album jacket. Because we respect the fans’ opinions, we decided to discard the previous album jacket photos and start over. Although there is limited time, we will produce modern and high quality jacket photos to upgrade the overall quality of the album.”

I don’t get what in these photos are creepy, I really don’t, and its ridiculous to think that there were that many complaints to warrant Jellyfish Entertainment to completely redo their concept ONE DAY before VIXX’s comeback.

2 thoughts on “Netizens Make Ridiculous Complaint, VIXX to Redo Concept Photos

  1. Just cause a bunch of teenage fan girl who was scare by the image, they needed to change everything, simply stupid. I wonder if they saw Yeongasi or any other Asian horror movie which can be worsen than that . I like the idea it was cool, their eyes was creepy but cool, and I really don’t see how the teaser was scare….there nothing

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