Zinger Will Not Be Returning to the Stage As Soon As Fans Hoped


It was revealed earlier that Zinger, who was recently in a bad car accident with her members, would be making her comeback to the stage with Secret for the 27th Golden Disk Awards, but TS Entertainment has released a statement revealing she is not in good enough condition to do so.

“It has been determined that Zinger would still have a hard time performing the choreography, therefore, we have decided to postpone her comeback….Although we were planning to hold her comeback performance at the 27th Golden Disk Awards, in accordance with the opinion of her doctors and the hospital, we have changed our decision.”

Zinger also released a statement:

“If I can’t showcase a perfect stage, then although it’s disappointing, I’ll wait until next time.”

I hope she gets better soon, and doesn’t push herself too hard to comeback to the stage.

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