Review: Dual Life

Dual Life [Digital Single]
“Dual Life,” so far, is my favorite song of the year. Its this funky (in a good way) combination of disco, and pop that shows Sori is a solid soloist in this battle field of boy bands, and girl groups.
Sori is doing some serious channeling of the late King of pop, Michael Jackson, and vogueing Queen of the dance floor, Madonna, not only on in the song itself but the choreography too. The song, and video actually kind of reminds me of Madonna’s “Hung Up.”
I think my favorite thing about this song is that it’s following a 2 year hiatus. Sori, and her agency, GF Entertainment, know how to make a proper comeback, and Son Dambi, and Pledis need to take serious notes. Rather than returning with a full album filled with subpar songs they focused on one perfect song, and honestly I would take a perfect digital single over a crappy full album from any artist, any day.
I did love the music video was good but it had a few bumps. There were some awkward moments when she is singing, and staring at herself in the mirror, which was just weird. Then there were some scary moments when I felt like I might get flashed by her personal area, which brought memories of Hyun Ah’s “Bubble Pop” rushing back.
Simply, “Dual Life” is a seriously nice breath of fresh air, and I hope that Sori continues to wow this year.

Final Score: 5/5

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