Review: I Like That

I Like That

My favorite rookie group of 2012, GLAM, has made their 2013 comeback with single, “I Like That,” a revamped version of Chul-E & Miae’s “Why You.”

As much as I absolutely loved GLAM after their debut, I admit I didn’t have faith in their comeback. I wasn’t too much of a fan when I first heard this song, but after watching the video, and listening to the song a few times more, I am loving it. They are getting a little bit of flack for some similarities to 2ne1 in their MV, and there was even a point where they used a scene straight from G-Dragon’s “One of a Kind.” All I can say is they should know better. I feel like their agency, and the members knew exactly what they were doing, and that people would call them on it, so I won’t bother. Despite the similarities, this video is still filled with GLAM’s original flare, and they haven’t missed a step even with the loss of a member.

Even though I like the song I could have down without the bouncy, cutesy breaks throughout the song. I felt it could have been solid had it just stayed a hip hop song. This song is not as good a song as “Party (XXO),” and is a kind of forgettable, but it still has the stamp of GLAM’s greatness on it, so my fandom continues.

Final Score: 2.5/5

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