Who Wore It Better?: Seo Hyun vs. Ha Ji Won vs. Yeom Jung Ah vs. Lee Bo Young

Who Wore It Better? (Seo Hyun vs. Ha Ji Won vs. Yeom Jung Ah vs. Lee Bo Young)

4 actress, and 1 idol have a showdown in Bottega Veneta.

Actresses Ha Ji Won, Lee Bo Young, Yeom Jung Ah, and SNSD’s maknae, Seo Hyun, were all spotted wearing the same $3,150, Bottega Veneta nero nude velvet flowers chiffon stretch dress. Seo Hyun was seen in the dress while she posed with labelmates, DBSK, for the November 2012 issue of Ceci magazine. Ha Ji Won was looking stunning in the dress as she posed for In Style magazine’s September 2012 issue.

Lee Bo Young showed off her thin figure when she wore the dress for her photoshoot for Cosmopolitan magazine’s January 2013 issue. Finally, Yeom Jung Ah was sexy as ever as she and actor, Jung Gyu Woon, posed together for the October 2012 issue of Marie Claire.

Which of these ladies do you think looks best in Bottega Veneta? Vote in the poll, and share your thoughts on each outfit in the comments.

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