Review: Maxstep

SM Entertainment, and Hyundai joined forces to release an album to promote the car company, and from this collaboration Younique was born. Made up of SM’s strongest rappers, and dancers this song was destined for greatness.
Okay, I’ll admit that at times the instrumental for this song is one hot mess of a dub step song. All the additional background noise was overpowering, but despite that it has become one of my favorite songs of the year. If the extra cheering, and screaming in the background were edited out this song would be perfection.
However, as much as I love this song I still have a major problem, and that is the blatant disregard of SNSD’s Hyoyeon. Even with less group members and her being the ONLY female in this group, she is still completely over looked, specifically in the music video. She was given a pretty decent amount of lines as she had a rap and sang the chorus, which is why I am confuzzled beyond words about why she only makes an appearance in the video at the very end. I’m also questioning why Hyoyeon wasn’t performing some of the more difficuly choreography that the boys did earlier on in the video. When she did finally appeared in the video the choreography got watered down a bit. I have no doubt that she could have followed along throughout. I have to think this is either sexism or SM’s, continued, complete ignorance to Hyoyeon’s talent.
Now, let me address this title. First off there is no such word as “Maxstep” in the English language, but let me give them a pass on that since this isn’t the first time a Kpop artist has pulled an English word out thin air, and it won’t be the last time, but my real problem is that in the song they sound as if they are saying “Next Step.” If you’re going to make up a word at least know how to clearly pronounce it.
Anyway. Bottom line, I love this song, and this group. They are my favorite SM collabo since S.M the Ballad, and I really hope that SM will have this group continue to release songs and even promote them.

Score: 3.75/5

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