Bill O’Reilly Is King of the A**holes w/ Rude and Racist Remakes Towards Psy

I damn near passed out from anger after reading about this, and watching this video clip. Bill O’Reilly has alway rubbed me wrong, he is one this world’s rudest, and insulting people, giving Donal Trump, and Rush Limbaugh a run for their money. I have let his nastiness slide many times over, and retaliate by boycotting his show, but bitch crossed the line.

On a recent episode of his show Bill O’Reilly, and psychiatrist Keith Ablow joined forces to try and tear down the sensation that is Psy saying things like “Gangnam Style” is “without intelligible words,” saying Psy is “.. a little fat guy from Pyongyang or someplace,” and when Keith likened Psy to Elvis, Bill replied, His songs had words.”

As you can image fans were up in arms over this especially since he refereed to Psy as being from a North Korean city. As a fan of about 2 years let me come to Psy’s defense, and my 2 cents in this argument:


Dear Bill O’Reilly,

I thought you couldn’t be more of an ass, but boy have you proved me wrong. There is so much ignorance, and racism spewing from your mouth in such a short amount of time that I cannot handle it.

First, Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea, and it speaks volumes of your for not even taking the time to differentiate North and South Korea. Second, HOW dare you try, and tear Psy down by commenting on his weight, He doesn’t need to lose anymore than you do buddy, and lastly intelligence and wit can exist outside of the English language.


Dear Psy,

F*uck the haters! 

Gangnam Style your way to the top, and leave their asses in the dust!

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