Concert Breakdown: Big Bang Makes Me Prouder to be a VIP at the Galaxy Alive Tour 2012 in Newark,NJ

Let me just start by saying last night was AMAZING!!!! It was the best night of my life, and I am so proud to be a V.I.P of 6 years, and last night was worth every minute of the wait.


My Timeline:

8:00am: Wake Up, dye my hair get dressed and all that good stuff.

11:15am: head out to Manhattan, privately spazzing all the way there.

12:55om: Just barely made it to the bus stop to catch the bus to Newark, NJ. I see lots of fellow Big Bang fans who are just as excited as me.

1:30pm: Arrive at Newark Penn Station. Walk over to the Prudential Center, and pick up my tickets. Then take the longest walk EVER to the end of the line (IT CIRCLED THE BLOCK!)

2:05pm: Meet up with Niki of VIPNiki, and AKPF

2:16pm: Meet up with AKPF owner, Kristin. Lots of waiting on line.

~3:30pm: Meet up with Erika of Oddness/Weirdness and AKPF

4:15pm: We FINALLY get let inside. I get my free lightstick, t-shirt, and bag.

4:30pm: The rehearsal starts. They boys look FLAWLESS! Tae Yang was a ball of energy. They brought a little girl, since she was black I am assuming she was the daughter of one of the band members, but she was doing her shy version of Tae Yang’s dougie dance.

5:15pm: The rehearsal is over, they seat us by number in the hallway outside the concert venue. Start to feel hungry, and I go on a food hunt where I paid 9 DOLLARS AND 50 CENTS for 3 chicken tenders, and sub-par french fries, and 4 DOLLARS for a water, plus they took my cap! (GRR!)

6:15pm: They start letting us go back into the venue, and we take our spots in the pit. Regular seats start filling up. We got to enjoy watching the MVs on the jumbo screens.

7:55pm: I start hearing rumors of a delay in the concert. I heard my feet crying.

8:01pm: The concert starts. The boys emerge in their pods, and so begins the best night of my life.

**If I can find the full song list I’ll be sure to share. I can’t remember the order they sang the songs.

10:00pm: The concert ends, and chants for an encore begin. The band members start holding up light sticks, and waving, and chanting begins again.

10:05pm: The boys comeback out for the encore. Energizer bunny Tae Yang returns, and you can tell he made then do the encore longer than intended (no arguments here). Tae Yang takes off his shirt, and gives it to the crowd, MAD DASH BY FANS IN THE AREA. T.O.P, and Tae Yang strip Dae Sung of his shirt. T.O.P tosses Dae Sung’s shirt to the crowd (the same spot where Tae Yang threw his), MAD DASH BY FANS IN THE AREA! Dae Sung throws water on fans (I GOT HIT :D). T.O.P empties an entire bottle of water on one fan, then splashes the remains everywhere else.

10:40pm: The boys introduced their band, and after throwing down some dance moves, the he concert really comes to an end. They exited the stage as Seung Ri started everyone singing “na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, good bye” and so began a long painful travel home.

2:00am: I get home, and pass out until 4:30pm today!


Seung Ri’s english. He tried. Lol, he really tried. I think he was just spitting out any english phrase he could think of at times [and the members were kind of mocking him :)], but it was funny. When he 1st introduced himself he said “My Engulish is tehwable, I want to kill it. I want to kill me Engulish” All their english was a bit rough, T.O.P sounded scripted (“I will remember all the faces” lol), but Dae Sung, and G-Dragon seemed the best.

Everything about that concert was perfection, and all the members brought their best but Dae Sung especially stood out to me as a great performer. He was everywhere! He went to every corner of the stage, and was bouncing around, waving, winking, head banging, and he always had a smile on. I have to admit I wanted to cry during his performance of “Wings” but I kept it together. I’ve always love Dae Sung but I see him in a totally different light now.

Something that I noticed is the boys look really good in person. They look just the same as they do on screen, they just looked a lot thinner in person, especially T.O.P.

To see all 262 of my photos, blurry and clear, head over to Asia 24/7’s Facebook page here. Also go over to AKPF for more photos by clicking here.

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