Primary Drops Tracklist for Upcoming Album

The tracklist for Primary’s upcoming LP album has been released, revealing all 23 featured artists.


01. 요지경 ft. 슈프림팀 (Supreme Team), Yankie & Mellow
02. Happy Ending ft. 진실 (Jinshil) & 개리 (Kang Gary)
03. 말이야 ft. 가리온 (Garion)
04. 만나 (Meet) ft. Zion.T
05. 멀어 (Far) ft. Beenzino
06.  Love ft. Bumkey & Paloalto
07. 씨스루 (See Through) ft. 개코 (Gaeko) & Zion.T
08. Mine Tonight ft. 진보 (Jinbo) & 도끼 (Dok2)
09. 입장정리 ft. 최자 (Choiza) & 사이먼 디 (Simon D)
10. 하이엔드걸(High End Girl) ft. Deez

01. 2주일 ft. 리듬파워 (Rhythm Power)
02. ?(물음표) ft. 최자 (Choiza) &  Zion.T
03. 축하해ft. 다이나믹듀오 (Dynamic Duo) 박재범 (Park Jaebeom)
04. I’m Back ft. Yankie, Double K & 지오 (G.O)
05. Playboy`s Diary ft. 정기고 (Junggigo) & Dead’P)
06. Interlude
07. 독 (Poison) ft. E-Sens 
08. 3호선 매봉역ft. Paloalto & Beenzino
09. Outro
10. (CD Only) 거기서 거기읾 [Bonus Track] ft. 다이나믹듀오 (Dynamic Duo), E-Sens & Boi B


Primary is set to release LP album, “Primary and the Messengers LP” on October 31st.

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