Review: Look At Me

Kpop’s longest lasting girl group, Jewelry, made their comeback with mini album, “Look At Me” on October 11th after one year on hiatus.

룩앳미 (Look At Me)

I just cannot bring myself to get excited about this song. Its a catchy song, but I didn’t find it to be a stand out song on the album, and I don’t find it to be a stand out song this year. The concept was unclear, and basically there was nothing special about it. I feel like any girl group could have sang this song and given more flavor, and personality.

Score: .5/1

Me Too

Hands down, this was my favorite track from this album. To be more accurate it was the only song I liked, mostly because it was the only song that spared us the Nicki Minaj-esque rap style that Baby J has adopted for this album. I really wish they had chosen to promote this song because I would have much rather a MV for this song, plus they may have gotten a better response for their comeback

Score: 1/1

Rhythm HA!!!

This song was used for their teaser video, and it was completely misleading. The section they played didn’t include Baby J’s horrible new rapping style, and when I first watched it I was completely excited, and expecting something amazing. I have never been a big fan of Baby J, and her rapping and when I thought I heard this great improvement I was expecting that same improvement from the whole group.

For the most part I actually liked this intro its just the last bit of the rap turned me off from the whole thing.

Score: .5/1


Other Scores:

Party Rebel

Score: 0/1

Single Single

Score: .5/1


Wrap Up

This album was just not my cup of tea. With the combination of Baby J’s rapping, a confusing concept, and poor song quality I just couldn’t come to love this album. Since the departure of veteran members Park Jung Ah, and Seo In Young it seems Jewelry is really struggling to find a solid new image, and as a result the group is in a weird place. Jewelry, in my eyes, is similar to Brown Eyed Girls in that they have never really been an idol group (teen idol), but with the change in times, and audience they’ve found themselves having to change up their image to accommodate. The difference is that Jewelry has had a pretty drastic member change that has broken up the group’s already solid image. Because of this I can’t think of Jewelry as the same veteran girl group anymore.

This album, as well as the music they’ve released since their member change, was just like seeing a new rookie group debut, and unfortunately it was a flop.

Final Score: 2.5/5

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