Review: One of a Kind

One of a Kind

This was G-Dragon’s first single from his 2nd solo album of the same name. I’ve seen the statement that this song wasn’t very relatable as it is G-Dragon rapping about being rich and young and so on, but to that I have to say that this isn’t supposed to be relatable per say.
This is GD’s anthem of sorts, he showing us what it is about him that sets him apart, what makes him GD, hence the title ‘One of a Kind.’ I wouldn’t say that’s its so hard to relate to because everyone feels there is something to make them one of a kind.

This song had me in love instantly. This was such an intensely strong song, and very hip hop which is right up my ally. I loved the speed rapping that he used that also made an appearance in “Crayon.”

Score: 1/1

Light It Up

This song was perfection. G-Dragon’s strength truly lies with collaborations because just like with his 1st solo album, I found “Light It Up,” the collaboration song, to be the best track.

Something that was similar to ‘The Leaders’ was that I didn’t feel like G-Dragon wasn’t the star of this track. In the ‘The Leaders,’ GD and Teddy really took a back seat to CL and her powerful rap. And with ‘Light It Up,’ G-Dragon and Dok2 were kind of, for lack of a better word, over shadowed by veteran rapper Tablo.

As much as I loved this song there was one thing I would changed, and that was the featuring. Not to say Dok2 is a bad rapper because I believe just the opposite, but I felt like this song would have been out of this world had it featured another artist. Personally, I would have loved to hear a verse from Zico of Block B or Simon D of Supreme Team or even D.Action of Untouchable (had he not been serving military service). I just feel their voices would have blended better with Tablo and G-Dragon’s.

Score: 1/1

Without You

“Without You” is one of my favorite songs off this album, and of this year. No doubt, YG’s goal was to garner more attention, and excitement for his new girl group, and he succeeded big time in my book. This girl’s voice is soulful, and beautiful, and worked so well with G-Dragon’s voice, and she was a the spotlight of this song. If this is the talent I have to look forward to from the member’s of this group, I can’t wait any longer for their debut.

Score: 1/1


Other Scores:

That XX

Score: .75


Score: 1/1

Missing U

Score: 1/1


Score: 1/1


Wrap Up

This album is my nominee for ‘Album of the Year.’ Lately Kpop has been producing lackluster, and quite frankly, crappy albums, and GD’s ‘One of a Kind’ is a serious breath of fresh air. The thing I love most about this album is that every last song could have been the title song, and could have been promoted. That is a beautifully rare thing in Kpop today, and I wish that more albums were like this. I personally feel that it is YG’s method of promoting that results in better quality albums. Because YG artists usually release multiple MVs per album, they put more effort into having quality songs.


Final Score: 4.8/5

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