Review: Press Play


Press Play ft. G.NA

I am not the biggest fan of this song. As the first track on the album I expected to get a nice introduction to what is to come on the rest of the album, but it was just average. I’ve read reviews saying this song is reminiscent of the 90s, for me not so much. This doesn’t take me back to the 90s quite so much. I actually think I would have loved this song had it just been a duet with G.NA, and the lead singer, and featuring one of the group’s rappers.

I don’t hate the song, but it’s nothing memorable.

Score: .5/1


I LOVE THIS SONG! BtoB completely delivered on their promise to bring back the 90s. I feel like I am listening to Shinhwa, or H.O.T when I hear this song, which speaks a lot to their talents. This song, and it’s concept are so original compared to the music their competition rookie groups are releasing, it never hurts to visit your roots in music, and BtoB proves that.

I had never taken an interest in BtoB before, honestly, I found them boring, and typical, but this song has made me an instant fan.

Score: 1/1

Music Video

After looking at the translation of the lyrics, I see how the music video makes sense to the video, but I still could not come to like the random girl holding the cherry, and the rose, and wondering all over this castle like building. The scenes with the girl just took my attention away from where I wanted it to be…BtoB.


I wanted the video to be more of their dancing. This is the one time I was actually hoping for more dancing on sets rather a story line. I want to see a 90s themed MV to match the song, and for me that means lots of dancing, and it was plenty modern with the bright sets.

사랑밖에 난몰라 (I Only Know Love)

This song grew on me over time. When I first saw the title I kept thinking of “사랑밖에 난몰라 (I Only Know Love)” by Shim Subong, but being that they are of two different genre’s they can’t be compared. I’ve come to love this song, and it is the only other song on the album besides “WOW” that I really love.

Score: .75/1


Other Scores:

U & I

Score: .75/1

Stand Up

Score: .5/1

My Girl

Score: .5/1


Wrap Up

I didn’t feel like the whole album was reminiscent of the 90s, and kind of broke up the theme of the album making it a little jumbled. Obviously the strongest track was their title song “WOW” which is something to be expected of most Kpop albums lately, so I can’t say this was the best album of the year. However, some of the songs that have come from this album have earned BtoB a permanent spot on the Kpop map.

BtoB comes from Cube Entertainment, home to some of Kpop’s biggest names B2ST, 4minute, and G.NA. When they first debuted they fell into the shadows of these other groups, and didn’t me show anything that would give them an edge to hold there own in this agency. Why they didn’t debut with “WOW” as a single will always be a mystery to me. With “Press Play,” BtoB has burst onto my radar, and dare I say, have overshadowed their labelmates 4minute, and G.NA and are even rivaling B2ST as the agency’s leading boy band.


Final Score: 3.3/5

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