Performances from Naver: ‘GD Friends Live Worldwide’

Earlier today G-Dragon put on a special event for fans called, ‘GD Friends Live Worldwide,’ where he performed his tracks “Today” and “Missing U” as well as sat down for interviews with fellow Big Bang members Dae Sung, and Tae Yang as well as YG composer, Lydia Paek.

“Missing You” was originally sung with Kim Yuna of Jaurim, but for this special GD performed with Lydia Paek.

G-Dragon also performed “Today” solo which originally featured Kim Jong Wan of Nell.


In their interview, Dae Sung and Tae Yang revealed they moved into the same building as in order to keep an eye on the group’s maknae, Seung Ri, who has gotten himself wrapped up in a sex scandal, and relationship rumor.

Source: Koreaboo

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