Asia 24/7: New Music Review Scoring System

Asia 24/7 is getting an official Music Review Scoring System! I’ve been working on this for a while now, and I think I have it down pat. Here is a guide to how songs will be scored for each review:

  • Each song is scored out of 1


0: Instantly hated, nothing likable, and no saving graces.

.25: Not the best, not great, but there was a saving grace.

.5: It was pretty mediocre, nothing horrible, but nothing amazing.

.75: It was good, I wasn’t instantly in love, but it grew on me.

1: Instantly loved, it was perfection!


  • The score is then totaled, and then divided by the number of songs on the album. Then that number is multiplied by 100, and then divided by 20 for a score out of 5.



Album: The Kpop Album

Song 1: .25

Song 2: .5

Song 3: .5

Song 4: 1.0



.25+.5+.5+1 = 2.25

2.25/4 = .5625

.625 x 100 = 56.25

62.5/20 = 2.8125


Final Score = 2.8/5

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