T.O.P Injured on Set, Won’t Effect Schedules for Now

On September 21st Big Bang rapper, T.O.P, was injured during a fight scene while filming for his upcoming movie, “Alumni.” He had to receive emergency surgery as the injury was more serious than originally thought.

YG released these statement:

“It wasn′t a minor injury, and so he had to go through surgery, pitching his agency and the film′s production company into a state of emergency. They got together in an emergency meeting to talk over changes in schedule and postponements to help T.O.P recover quickly. T.O.P is currently more worried over the changes in the film and Big Bang′s schedules rather than his own injury and is determined to get through all schedules as planned.”

“As one of the main characters, T.O.P is feeling burdened about the filming being postponed because of him, especially since the filming had to be halted earlier with the changing of directors… We will be discussing with his doctor to figure out a way for T.O.P to carry on his schedules without putting strain on his condition.”

It was said that it would take his hand 3 weeks to heal, and so YG had to hold an emergency meeting about whether he could continue activities, but T.O.P opted to keep his schedule.

Back on the 23rd YG released this statement:

T.O.P is currently resting. He plans to be released tomorrow (September 24). If the pain is still severe, however, he may stay for one more day.”



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