Big Bang’s Seung Ri is Wrapped Up in Scandals

In the last two weeks Big Bang maknae, Seung Ri, has had his fill of scandals. Last week it was a sex scandal now he is wrapped up in a relationship rumor with a Japanese model. Here is a break down:

Sex Scandal


On Friday September 14th (Japan) a tabloid published pictures of a man who looks like Seung Ri sleeping with the title: “Famous Hallyu Idol Group ‘Big Bang’s Seungri’s Bed Photos Leaked”.

They reported this:

Currently residing in Japan, Seungri’s bed scandal was revealed… A woman who slept with him shared, ‘Seungri has the habit of choking [the other individual involved] during sexual intercourse,’‘” the magazine stated, and also added that the woman allegedly claimed that “he ejaculated on her stomach and didn’t help wipe it off, and rather just threw [her] a towel. In addition, he didn’t even kiss [her] once.”

It was said that the photos were submitted by a woman who claims to have slept with the singer.

Relationship Rumor

On September 18, a Taiwanese tabloid released photos of Seung Ri, and Japanese actress and model Anna Kubo in Hong Kong after finishing filming late at night for their Japanese drama, “The Files of Young Kindaichi: Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case.” 

The photo caption said this:

“Big Bang’s Seungri was captured with Japanese model Anna Kubo acting like lovers. The two held hands and kissed on the cheek.”

Also this video was taken of the two:

YG released a statement today about the ‘scandal’:

“It’s not a scandal.”


What do you think of the scandals? Do you think their true? Tell me in the comments below.

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