Concert Breakdown: Psy Rocks the Rockefeller Center with “Gangnam Style”

Hello All!!!

Yesterday I went on down to Rockefeller Center to see Psy perform “Gangnam Style” on the TODAY Show.

Here is a mini timeline of my day:

6:30am: My mother, and I arrived at Rockefeller Center to see a huge crowd in front of the stage! I get sent to the very back, and of course I couldn’t see a thing

about 6:45am: Psy does a rehearsal stage, I was still in the back, and so I saw NOTHING 😥

about 7:00am: We get moved to behind the stage, but luckily part of the stage was visible.

8am: Psy does his interview for the TODAY Show.

about 8:15am: Psy and his dancers do a mini rehearsal. Then he comes to the back of the stage to say hi to the fans stuck back there. (YEAH!!!!)

8:30am: THE FUN BEGINS! Psy performs!

about 8:45: People leave, and I get closer to the side of the stage. Psy does an encore stage, the first in TODAY Show history.

After he finishes the encore stage he comes around to the fans, and said hi, waved, posed for pictures.

To check out my pictures (I’ll be honest, they aren’t the best) click here


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