Review: Uncommitted

“Uncommitted” is Xiah’s 1st English single which he released right before he embarked on his world tour, which was starting right here is the U.S.A. 

This is a great song! I still have it on repeat. The style of music is nothing original especially when compared to “Tarantallegra,” but is actually pretty standard of Xiah.

The subject matter, and the MV is where the originality comes from with this song. It was funny to hear Xiah referring to himself as a player, and after following him for so many years, it is hard to see him as such.

In the video we see Xiah in clubs, with different girls, drinking, and living it up, which is pretty new for him. As a solo artist this is a complete change from his past work, and an ever bigger transformation from “Tarantallegra.”

I know people are complaining that for an English single he had a lot of “Engrish” going on in the song, but this song is so good I can over look the “Engrish.” His speech was not so difficult that I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I was able to understand the song, and what he was singing. However, people who are not as familiar with Kpop may not be as accepting of a song with “Engrish.”

I really like the route that C-Jes Entertainment & Xiah took for his first entry into the foreign music industry, more specifically the American music industry. Xiah has not announced an official debut in the U.S but he is using this song, and the U.S stops on his world tour, to sample what he has to offer.

I think Xiah stands out with “Uncommitted.” This is his first real attempt at doing something for international fans, and American fans it is standout among the other Kpop acts trying to do the same thing. Rather than promoting himself with a typical dance hit he is using his strongest skill, his voice, to put his foot in the door, which I feel is something much of the American audience will gravitate towards.

This song was pretty a good choice for Xiah as he tries to make his mark as a solo artist outside of Asia.

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