Review: Anymore

It was love at first listen when I first heard “Anymore.” Seo In Young has usually always done sexy, strong, confident images for her past work, and she does it well, but when she tones it downs and goes for less intense image she shines just as brightly, maybe even more. With “Anymore” we are introduced to this more vulnerable Seo In Young like what she’s shown us with “사랑이라 쓰고 아픔이라 부른다 (Love Is Bitter, Pain Is Calling).”

Her vocals for this song were pretty stellar, though auto tune was used to smooth out some high notes. I can’t really judge her vocals for this song until I’ve heard it live, and she has not performed it live.

After the release of this song Seo In Young was able to take #1 on the charts, and I am glad. Even though she managed to rank #1 on the music charts, her video has gotten less that 300,000 views on Youtube, which is pretty bazaar. Despite having been part of one of Korea’s top girl groups she is overlooked with her solo work, something I’ve never agreed with.  This single is one of my picks for best of the year without a doubt, and it makes me a little mad that people can’t pull themselves away from the boy bands, and girl groups to recognize how good her music is.

I believe Seo In Young is one of today’s best solo artist, not only because of her strong vocals but because she is one of the best at being able to create a new image for herself, and succeed every time. “Anymore” is her comeback since she established her own agency. This was her first time making a song that she had complete control, and input in, and she did wonderfully. “Anymore” is the perfect song to officially start her real solo career as a singer. 

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