T-ara Teases “Sexy Love” Comeback + More Controversy

T-ara has decided that they will go ahead a make their comeback with “Sexy Love” off their 7th mini album “Mirage.” CCM released a statement explaining why T-ara will not be taking a hiatus despite the controversy they are in:

We could not push back the group’s comeback anymore; this situation where there is not one victim and not one perpetrator only keeps leading to misunderstandings upon misunderstandings.The reason T-ara has kept silent for the past month was because they believed this to be a personal issue. But with all the misunderstandings piling up, the members have apologized for causing a problem…Hwayoung and T-ara have met and they’ve already apologized and forgiven each otherOnce again we bow our heads in apology for all of the problems and concerns we have caused many people. We promise to work harder to make sure that another problem such as this will never come up again”

They will release their new MV on September 3rd (2nd US).

Murage (Teaser)


Sexy Love (Teaser)


On August 30th T-ara released handwritten apologies to their fans about their recent controversies:


“After much thought and contemplation, we begin writing this letter. The past month felt much longer than the days that we spent as trainees and as singers that have been promoting ourselves and receiving our fans’ love. We want to start off by extending our sincerest apologies for causing much concern and disappointment to many people….We are currently reflecting deeply on our actions in acting foolish by publicizing our issues and how we were not able to resolve the differences in our opinions amongst the members. We sincerely apologize for acting without thinking. Now, with each day we are faced with the thoughts of how we could have avoided the whole situation if we tried to understand each other and acted in a mature fashion….Looking back, we have worked together to overcome obstacles and to achieve the same dream and now it is sad and painful to see that our memories being marred by the negativity….We believe that it must have been a troubling and difficult time for Hwa-young as well after the issue of her being ostracized was misunderstood.”…We were surprised and troubled with what has happened because it was something that none of us have thought of or wanted. And we are sad that we can’t be together and we wish only the best for Hwa-young and that she doesn’t face anymore pain.” 

Despite the fact that they will be making their comeback next week, T-ara has had more controversies surrounding the written apologies. When they letter was releases CCM said in an interview:

Hyomin wrote the letter as the representative of T-ara.

However, after the letter was released fans were skeptical that the apologies were even written by T-ara. Fans examined the hand writing, and feel the writing in the letter does not match any of the members’ handwriting. As a response CCM released a statement saying:

T-ara’s official handwritten apology letter was written by the oldest member Qri. The T-ara members all got together to compose the letter, and the oldest unni Qri wrote it. They then posted it to Core Contents Media’s official homepage…We ask that you please refrain from leaving malicious comments.”

I must say I am getting really tired of reading about T-ara and a new controversy every week. It really doesn’t matter who in the group physically wrote the apologies, so I don’t understand why CCM would feel the need to lie about it at all. Them lying just makes this whole situation worse. Also I can’t help thinking they lied because the apology isn’t real, but I don’t care to get into that.

Be sure to follow Asia 24/7’s countdown to T-ara’s comeback on the homepage, and be sure to tell me what YOU think about the newest T-ara controversy in the comments below.


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